Angel Haze Relies On 2Pac, Tells Azealia Banks “Shut The F*ck Up” [Audio]

Angel Haze Relies On 2Pac, Tells Azealia Banks “Shut The F*ck Up” [Audio]

Detroit rapper Angel Haze has decided to fight fire with fire in her war of words with music rival Azealia Banks, now unleashing her new “Shut The F*ck Up” diss track.

Relying on the late 2Pac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” instrumental, Haze attacks the New York emcee with a slew of insults.

“Weak b*tch, Interscope be paying you to sleep/Meanwhile, I’m the one b*tch they praying you can beat/And to be honest, I really wanted to like you, but you ugly and you lame and your flow’s all recycled/And your broke a** is a broke b*tch with a fro b*tch/And I know some girls who knew you in like ’06/And they all say you was wild gay and wild lame considering you f*ck anything b*tch you f*ck in anything/I don’t have time for b*tches who be f*cking anything…” (“Shut The F*ck Up”)

Hours prior, Banks unloaded her “No Problems” diss track at the Midwest rapper.

Over a wobbly Machinedrum beat, Banks goes in: “She like my new talk, my new style, my new walk, this new whore.” While Haze deserves credit for sheer ability, Banks out-cools her in spades. The aggro, gooped-up production (tagged as “witch-hop” on SoundCloud) runs circles around the 8-bit-inspired “On the Edge” beat. And while Haze took the time to laugh at her rival between verses, Banks growls out a simple threat: “No problems, no problems, y’all bitches don’t want no problems.” The song’s only explanation? “This Butch Bitch Got Blue Balls.” It seems, however, that Haze does indeed want problems. She’s announced, via Twitter of course, her intention to respond with yet another dis track. (SPIN)

Yesterday, Angel struck first by releasing her “On the Edge” beef record after a Twitter chat turned sour.

“B*tch I’m from the 313/Whip the f*ckin’ meat cleaver out like who want beef/F*ck you gonna do with this Diplo flow/Dissed you on own your sh*t, you should dip low ho/Wait, I want you b*tches so scared that your mental break/So you forever be broke with expensive taste/I bet you won’t leap, ol’ frog a** b*tch/P*ssy a** Courage the Cowardly Dog a** b*tch/Hold up” (“On the Edge”)

Azealia later responded and claimed she secretly penned the diss last year.

“So diplo just calls me and tells me she wrote that track months ago and he had nothing to do with it.,” she tweeted Friday (January 4).

“Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It’s not even really a diss anymore! Haha !!!”

“Just straight fly uptown NYC sh*t!!! “NO PROBLEMS” – 12pm !!!!!!” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Check out “Shut The F*ck Up”:

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