“Andre 3000 Is Out & About & He’s Open To New Things. You Can Definitely Expect Something”

“Andre 3000 Is Out & About & He’s Open To New Things. You Can Definitely Expect Something”

[As we continue to wait for elusive rap star Andre 3000 to make his comeback, renowned producer Cory Mo tells SOHH readers a story that’ll assure them Three Stacks has not turned his back on hip-hop.]

I bumped into Andre 3000 and I forget what club we were at. A real good friend of Andre’s, Cheez, is someone I’m really good friends with.

I talk to Cheez all the time and Cheez is with Dre all the time. Cheez invited me to this club and Dre was there and Dre was like, “Eh, why don’t you come with us to this show real quick.” I was like, “What? H*ll yeah! Let’s go!”

I followed Dre and Cheez and we ended up going to this concert in Atlanta. It was a dude I never heard of. The Flying Lotus? We go to a Flying Lotus concert and it was more like a rave party. There’s nothing but white folks in the crowd and it’s a totally different scene from what I’m used to seeing in Atlanta.

I had never heard of this of this club, been to this club, or nothing. I walk into this club with Three Stacks and we’re watching Flying Lotus and he’s like, “See Mo, this is that new sh*t right here. This is that sh*t you need to be on.”

Andre 3000 opened my eyes to this Flying Lotus dude and he’s on the stage with a white screen behind him, with a projection and images and all of this stuff, lights and mad sounds. It just opened my mind to a lot of stuff.

That’s a pretty cool Dre story I can give you but I can’t give you any details on when he’s coming out. But he is out and about and he’s open to new things. You can definitely expect something. He’s not giving up.

Cory Mo is one of the most gifted, passionate and dependable artists coming from the South. With fifteen years of experience as an MC, producer and recording engineer under his belt, his latest effort, Take It Or Leave It, brings Cory Mo to the next level- an artist with integrity and drive who can compete with the best artists of the day in the same arena if given the opportunity.

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