Andre 3000 Greenlights Ke$ha’s MC Skills, “[She] Could Definitely Have A Career As A Rapper”

Andre 3000 Greenlights Ke$ha’s MC Skills, “[She] Could Definitely Have A Career As A Rapper”

Pop singer Ke$ha recently opened up about her new “Sleazy” remix collaboration with Outkast’s Andre 3000 and detailed how she was able to snag the elusive ATLien for a cameo.

In addition to explaining the duet, Ke$ha also said Andre co-signed her emcee skills.

“I sent him the track and was fully aware that he’s only been on a few songs in the past five years. But he ended up liking it. We got on the phone, and he said, ‘With a flow like that, you could definitely have a career as a rapper.’ It was the biggest compliment I’ve ever had. It was coming from a god! He’s one of my favorite musicians, lyricists, rappers, of all time.” (Rolling Stone)

Last October, Drake voiced his desire to create an original song with Andre 3000.

“It was cool,” he said of appearing on the “Deuces” remix with his idol. “I love the remix and stuff, but when I say I wanna work with him I really wanna pull him into my world or go into his world or do something where it’s a song that I’ve created from the ground up, where he raps and, hopefully, I could sort of shape the direction of the song a bit more…For me, ‘Deuces’ was cool and all and obviously being on a song with him for the first time was amazing but it doesn’t satisfy my urge to work with him. That’s still very much alive and I really wanna work with him on something that’s my own.” (XXL Mag)

In July, producer Swizz Beatz said Andre 3000 was originally considered for Drake’s “Fancy” Thank Me Later single.

“Andre 3000 was supposed to be on ‘Fancy,'” Swizz revealed. “Drake had a group of people he wanted to be on it: Andre, [T.I.], this one, that one. But the deadline for the album rushed a lot of things. [Drake] can tell you the rest, but Tip just wound up being on it. Which I’m cool with, cause that’s the homie.” (MTV)

Last spring, Southern rapper Chamillionaire talked to SOHH about wanting Andre 3000 to make a strong comeback.

“One person I really think should come back man is Andre 3000,” Cham told SOHH. “I don’t know if he’s going to but man, the game needs that dude man. For real. Musically, anything, features, I’d be happy with anything. He’ll do one feature every ten years. [laughs] Like d*mn man, he came out with that ‘Walk It Out’ remix and that was ill, he ripped it. And that was it, he kinda fell back again. That’s kinda what a lot of the OG’s are doing, Eminem is the same way. I know what Eminem is capable of, I know he does a lot of that crazy stuff to get people out there, I had a conversation with him, actually, I don’t want to repeat what was said but he said something that was so interesting to me. He made me think about every person in the industry that actually wants to be creative, it’s always that little bit of hesitance. And they don’t want to do it because they’re worried about how people will take it and how it will sell.” (SOHH)

Check out Ke$ha & Andre 3000’s “Sleazy” down below:

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