Andre 3000 Didn’t Cast Out “King” Opportunity, Says Lloyd

Andre 3000 Didn’t Cast Out “King” Opportunity, Says Lloyd

After R&B singer Lloyd caught fans by surprise with his Andre 3000-featured “Dedication To My Ex” collaboration, SOHH hit up the former Murder Inc. crooner to find out how he snagged the elusive OutKast member for a cameo.

Offering a modest response, Lloyd simply credited his humble persona enabling him to secure Dre’s guest appearance.

“These are my musical peers,” Lloyd told SOHH when asked how he managed to snag Andre 3000 for his King of Hearts album. “These are my inspirations. I just think that when you surround yourself with good energy, it’s infectious and people want to be a part of it. When you are secure in your own skin, you don’t really make people threatened to be around you who want to be around you. I’m just real comfortable with myself. I’m comfortable with who I am. I feel like I make good music and everybody is a fan of a great song.” (SOHH)

Along with 3000, Lloyd’s track also features Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne.

If Cee Lo Green can have a chart-topping song that employs the F-word right there in its retro-sounding chorus, why can’t Lloyd score his own hit using a commonly used nickname for a woman’s genitalia? In this similarly Mowtown-inspired Polow Da Don production, R&B singer Lloyd complains about a cheating girlfriend who took her ladybits elsewhere, while Andre 3000 throws down a verse and Lil Wayne drops in for some brief narration. (Idolator)

The singer’s new King of Hearts album currently rests on the Top 10 albums chart.

R&B singer Lloyd’s King of Hearts debuted on the chart this week at No. 10. After seven days on store shelves, the former Murder Inc. crooner’s Interscope debut has sold 26,400 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Last week, Lloyd named his top five reasons fans should support the new LP.

“I have Young Jeezy on my “Lay It Down” remix record and you’ll see why he’s one of the most consistent acts out in the South. Every time he’s come out, he’s done a million or two million and the streets love him. Regardless of what’s hot. Streets love Jeezy. We were able to lock down so many different demographics on one record which is good because it allows me to influence a bigger audience and wider range of people. It allows them to be more familiar with my music.” (“5 Reasons Why You Should Buy”)

Check out “Dedication To My Ex” below:

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