Amy Winehouse’s Drug Suppliers Sentenced, Admit To Selling Incriminating Video To Tabloid

Amy Winehouse

An English couple have been sentenced in a London courtoom yesterday for selling multiple types of drugs to platinum-selling singer Amy Winehouse.

According to the Associated Press, Johnny Blagrove was given two years behind bars while his girlfriend, Cara Burton, was told she would be required to complete two years’ community service.

The couple admitted to providing a variety of narcotics including cocaine and ecstasy to Winehouse and intentionally filming the singer using drugs and then selling the footage to tabloid-based British newspaper The Sun for $75,000.

Judge Tudor Owen has refrained from charging the R&B superstar due to a lack of visibility identifying the drugs being used.

“Notwithstanding what is clearly visible in the video,” Owen said, “there is no evidence of drugs being supplied or even used.”

As previously reported by SOHH, the couple appeared in court last October to plead guilty to all charges. No official word has been given on when Blagrove will begin his prison term.

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