Amy Winehouse Drug Suppliers Plead Guilty, Singer In The Clear

Amy Winehouse

An English couple have pleaded guilty today (October 31) to selling multiple types of drugs to platinum-selling singer Amy Winehouse.

According to the Associated Press, Johnny Blagrove and Cara Burton appeared in a London courtroom admitting their roles in offering illegal drugs including cocaine and ecstasy to the superstar. 
Hoping to make additional profits, the two also recorded footage discovered earlier in the year showing the singer smoking crack cocaine that was later sold to tabloid-based British newspaper The Sun.
A prosecutor, Sean Larkin, claims the couple’s home has been raided and a list of entertainers they have supplied drugs to, including Winehouse, was attained. 
Despite the guilty pleas and Winehouse images, detectives allege there is not enough evidence to pursue the singer with charges.
The couple are due back in court Friday, November 28 for sentencing. 
In related news, the mega singer was hospitalized late last week for chest and lung tests at England’s London Clinic.
According to People, the soulful singer was taken to the clinic last weeekend after a doctor had examined her body which brought up concerns about her previous health issues.
“They wanted to do some tests as a precaution,” Winehouse’s spokesman Chris Goodman told People. “Obviously she had lung and chest problems which she had treatment for not so long ago, so they’re just making sure.”
After spending nearly 48 hours hospitalized, she reportedly returned home.

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