Amber Rose Snaps Back At Chubby Critics, “How Am I Fat?”

Amber Rose Snaps Back At Chubby Critics, “How Am I Fat?”

Model Amber Rose has called out weight critics who have speculated about her figure over the past few weeks suggesting she may have packed on a few pounds.

Writing on her Twitter page, Rose questioned the weight haters.

Rose took to Twitter on Sunday to respond to her size being attacked by the web site. “I’m 5’9, 148 [pounds],” she tweeted. “How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? I just don’t get it.” And Amber is right if you go check out a BMI chart. The model’s stats come out to 21.9 in the Body Mass Index, which falls under “normal weight,” for her height. (Rumor Fix)

Sites like Media Take Out raised eyebrows by posting Rose comparison body shots.

YIKES!!! REMEMBER A FEW WEEKS AGO WHEN WE SAID AMBER ROSE WAS ONE BURGER AWAY FROM A WEIGHT PROBLEM . . . WELL SHE ATE THAT BURGER!!! Amber’s crossed over that unwritten THRESHOLD. And you already KNOW that it’s only gonna get WORSE from here!!! (Media Take Out)

Last year, Rose’s Ford Models contract had reached its end.

Amber Rose is undoubtedly best-known for having dated Kanye West. During their relationship, her “modeling career” was managed by Ford Models, one of the top agencies in the industry. But it seems now that her relationship with Kanye has run its course, so has her partnership with Ford. The agency told the NY Post they no longer represent Amber. It’s unknown who her new agency is, or if she even has one, but someone is definitely negotiating deals for her. (Style Bistro)

Last month, the jaw-dropping beauty denied speculation suggesting she was dropped from Ford.

“I did NOT get dropped from FORD Models my contract was up now I’m with CAA @Shelterok don’t believe everything u read babe :-),” Rose tweeted Monday (February 7). (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Amber Rose footage below:

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