Amber Rose Reveals Her Head Game Turned Off Ne-Yo

Amber Rose Reveals Her Head Game Turned Off Ne-Yo

Mother-to-be Amber Rose recently reflected on her video vixen days and revealed getting turned down for a Ne-Yo music video back in 2009.

According to Rose, her hairstyle did not secure a role in Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent” visual.

“I remember in early 2009 I tried 2 get into Neyo’s Miss Independent video they said I was 2bald I was so sad but lookin back now it’s funny,” she tweeted October 28th. (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Back in 2009, Atlanta’s Ludacris talked to SOHH about helping ignite Rose’s career by casting her in his “What Them Girls Like” music video.

“I think it’s great,” Luda told SOHH. “I always love seeing someone come from — just trying to see their dreams come true. There’s nothing wrong with it for me. I’m glad to have had her in the video. I think she got signed to a modeling agency or something so I think she’s extremely innovative to have that kind of confidence. I think it’s a great thing because she sets herself apart from a lot of women just by her haircut. She wears it with the utmost confidence and that’s a great thing. I think she deserves any modeling contract that she’s gotten because she has her own unique look and a great sense of style.” (SOHH)

Amber made headlines last year after getting spotted rocking a wig in ATL.

What a way to go undercover! Amber Rose was spotted rocking out to the tunes of her boo Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg this past weekend at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. She was almost unrecognizable as she stood at the side of the stage rocking a white blazer, wolford tights and a long dark wig. Meanwhile, Wiz and Snoop tore it down, performing some of their latest collabos off of their new soundtrack, ‘Mac & Devin Go To High School’ from their upcoming movie with the same name. (Necole Bitchie)

Last year, Rose’s popular bald image even forced former hip-hop model Rosa Acosta to slam rumors claiming she switched her hairstyle on purpose.

“I didn’t have to ask permission from anyone to cut my hair. However, due the overwhelming response I felt it was only right to address my condition,” she wrote in a statement. “People have demanded an answer about why I cut my hair while insinuating that as if it was going to destroy me in some way. The truth is I cut my hair because my hair is falling out and has been for over a decade and I needed to began my treatments again. I encourage other people out there with a hair loss problem to accept your reality and make the most of it. For what I do, I feel like I’m a bad b*tch and I don’t need hair to make me. When I want to wear the hair I will. But for now, the most important thing for me to do is go through my treatments to make my scalp healthy which will intern give me a healthy head of hair.” (Statement)

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