Amber Rose Pictures Wiz Khalifa’s Wedding Gear, “I Would Like Him In A Kilt”

Amber Rose Pictures Wiz Khalifa’s Wedding Gear, “I Would Like Him In A Kilt”

Former video vixen Amber Rose recently discussed her engagement to rap star Wiz Khalifa and said despite their publicized romance, there is no rush to pencil in a wedding date.

Rose also revealed how she envisions their wedding attire when the big day finally comes.

“The thing of it is that I’m busy, he’s about to go on tour, and it’s just non-existent right now,” Rose said of her wedding plans. “But we love each other, we’re going to be together forever. I’m not one of those fiancĂ©es that are like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ No pressure, we will get it done when it gets done.” Rose did manage to get one wedding detail out of the way: She found her dress. She recently told MTV News that she picked out her “Cinderella” dress, which she described as a “big fancy country-a** wedding dress,” but doesn’t expect Wiz to schedule his tux fitting anytime soon. “He’ll wait till the day before,” she said. “I would like him in a kilt — that would be fun.” (MTV)

Back in April, the shaved blonde bombshell detailed her anticipation to tie the knot.

“We are not getting married for a while so I might change my mind,” Amber told OK! after disembarking off of Virgin America’s first fight to Philadelphia from L.A., “But I actually did find the dress that I want.” Amber has a “lot going on,” currently working on her first album, but still finds time to browse ideas for her upcoming nuptials. “I look through bridal magazines constantly and I look for references. I look through Vogue and a lot of high fashion magazines,” the Philadelphia native said before hitting up Virgin America’s launch party at the Palomar Hotel. Working together to plan their wedding ceremony must be a walk in the park after Amber and the “No Sleep” singer successfully collaborated on Wiz’s last mix tape. “Oh it’s easy!,” the socialite explained of working with Wiz, “Please, he’s my best friend so it’s a breeze.” Congratulations, Amber and Wiz! (OK! Magazine)

She recently revealed wanting to have a handful of kids with Khalifa.

Amber Rose, who became famous overnight when she was dating Kanye West in 2010, is so madly in love with Wiz Khalifa she’s virtually asking, “Kanye Wno?” Amber tells Shira Lazar why she fell so hard for the rapper known for “Young Wild and Free.” “He was just so normal. He didn’t let the fame and money get to him. I needed that,” she says. “We fit.” (Wonder if she was subtly comparing him to Kanye?) Anyway, the gorgeous model, who is working on an album, says “I definitely go to Wiz for advice. Obviously he’s “The One,” because she’s planning life after a wedding. “We’re going to have 25 kids,” she joked. Then, she revealed, “We wanna have like four — that’s what we’re going to reach for.” (RumorFix)

A couple months ago, Rose talked about her mini-obsession with bridal planning.

“I think about it constantly,” the model, singer and actress tells PEOPLE. “Like all day. No matter what I’m doing I always have my wedding on my mind. So I’m really excited. … I pick up all the bridal magazines. I rip out all the pages and I pull our references from fashion magazines — I even pick up food magazines to see what I want at my reception.. I’ve picked out the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen,” she says. “But, you know, we’re not getting married for a while so I might change my mind.” (People)

Check out a recent Amber Rose interview below:

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