Amber Rose Names Her Biggest Idol, “Most Of My Persona Has A Lot To Do With Him”

Amber Rose Names Her Biggest Idol, “Most Of My Persona Has A Lot To Do With Him”

Video vixen Amber Rose is proving her love for music is deeper than rap by revealing one of her biggest inspirations is Guns N’Roses guitarist Slash.

According to Rose, she draws a majority of her mysterious persona from the 46 year-old music veteran.

“He is one of my favorite people in the world! He has been my hero since I was a little girl; I always looked up to him. He was a biracial rock star, and anytime he plays the guitar it just takes over my body. His sound is just amazing to me. Most of my persona has a lot to do with Slash. I have a very mysterious persona and there are a lot of things that people don’t know about me and Slash is like that. He is like that to this day! He is very mysterious and people are just so intrigued by him and he has been out for 20 plus years! He wrote a book and you still want to know more.” (Global Grind)

Last year, Rose revealed her biggest hip-hop crush was on New York rapper DMX.

“Let’s Play a Game!!! Guess my Fav Rapper of the 90’s and I’ll CALL U!!! GO!,” she tweeted on Wednesday (September 1).

“If u think u said DMX First twitter search it @KingAubrey Said it first. Sorry :-).”

“I LOVED DMX Man I thought I was gonna marry him in the 7th Grade I need him to come back!!!! Come back hubby Lol.” (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

While telling SOHH about her role on the new “Master of the Mix” deejay competition show last week, Rose revealed her love for rock and heavy metal.

“My Rose Buds can expect to see a lot of talent, a lot of music. I had to sit down with the deejays and really talk to them like, “Don’t be scared to play some 80’s pop sh*t. Or some heavy metal.” I “know” music. I’m very into music. I had a mohawk when mohawks weren’t cool. I’m into heavy metal like Metallica, Guns N Roses, Nirvana. I told them not to be scared. So it’s definitely going to be a lot different this year, this season, with me on there because I had to sit down with the deejays and let them know to just bring it. You have to bring it. Don’t be nervous.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Slash is most known for a music career spanning over three decades.

As the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, Slash established himself as one of hard rock’s finest and most soulful soloists during the late ’80s, technically adept yet always firmly grounded in the gritty Aerosmith and Stones licks he loved. (All Music)

Check out some recent Amber Rose footage below:

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