Amber Rose Gets Kicked To The Curb

Amber Rose Gets Kicked To The Curb

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West ex-girlfriend Amber Rose has been released from her contract with Ford Models.

The Philadelphia-based stripper-turned-catwalker is currently on the market for new model representation.

Amber Rose is undoubtedly best-known for having dated Kanye West. During their relationship, her “modeling career” was managed by Ford Models, one of the top agencies in the industry. But it seems now that her relationship with Kanye has run its course, so has her partnership with Ford. The agency told the NY Post they no longer represent Amber. It’s unknown who her new agency is, or if she even has one, but someone is definitely negotiating deals for her. (Style Bistro)

Although Ford cut their ties with Rose, the model is reportedly working on a new reality television series.

It seems that Rose, whose fame began when she would escort her now ex-boyfriend Kanye West to fashion shows wearing all manner of latex ensembles, is working on a reality show called “Behind Her Shades”, about a vintage sunglasses store in Las Vegas. (New York Mag)

After helping launch Rose’s career by featuring her in his 2008 music video for “Them Girls Like”, SOHH talked to Ludacris about her industry success.

“I think it’s great,” Luda told SOHH in July 2009. “I always love seeing someone come from… just trying to see their dreams come true. There’s nothing wrong with it for me. I’m glad to have had her in the video. I think she got signed to a modeling agency or something so I think she’s extremely innovative to have that kind of confidence. I think it’s a great thing because she sets herself apart from a lot of women just by her haircut. She wears it with the utmost confidence and that’s a great thing. I think she deserves any modeling contract that she’s gotten because she has her own unique look and a great sense of style.” (SOHH)

Last year, rap mogul Russell Simmons defended Rose’s image in a blog posting.

“People have very strong opinions, they either hate her or love her,” he wrote in September 2009. “Anyhow, when I closely examine the ‘Amber’ phenomenon, I can’t see what she’s done to hurt the planet, the animals or the people. So sorry haters, I really can’t really find fault with her. One thing good spiritual people should be good at is practicing ‘non judgment.’ I believe that most people who become popular are just trying to make their way, and the constant negative pressure from the media tearing them down can sometimes destroy their self image, ruin their chances of becoming more successful or more importantly, destroy their chances of achieving lasting happiness…We, the collective consciousness, choose Hulk Hogan, Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton, Jay-Z or Amber Rose to focus our attention on, so why does it make us feel so good to tear them down?” (Global Grind)

Check out some recent Amber Rose footage down below:

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