Alleged Rick Ross Sex Tape Lands Online [Video]

Alleged Rick Ross Sex Tape Lands Online [Video]

Alleged footage from a Rick Ross sex tape has begun circulating online and finding its way onto multiple media outlets.

Details on the rapper’s alleged tape hit the Internet Thursday (September 23).

IS this 50 Cent up to something? Was sent a link from and they were saying there is a Rick Ross sex tape/ I found the mere thought hilarious. I don’t know Ross would get caught out there like that, but the say there is a “non-nude.” All I can say is that the video is incredibly blurry and it shows a man with a beard with a woman in a dress. Somebody says it may be before the fame Rick Ross has had this far in. IF Ross leaded this himself, it would be genius. LOL! (Illseed)

The three-minute teaser footage is currently featured on 50 Cent’s website, This Is 50.

Ayo, this s*** right here is some crack… dis n**** rozay actually knows how to stroke… u gotta watch this in full.. the songs are funny as hell and ricky getting his a****** licked and fingered is even funnier.. by the way this video was made before rick ross blew up and now someone released it.. or is it a publicity stunt to sell more records?? pics taken from video. (This Is 50)

Last year, 50 narrated a sex tape which featured one of Ross’ baby’s mothers.

“Now look man, I’m gonna show you some sh*t man,” Curly says in the video’s intro. “She says she loves the n*gga, I thought she was with Ricky…Oh this is cold blooded, man…Tape only been on for one minute 30 seconds, you’re dead…Look at the stretch marks on the stomach from Ricky daughter…I want you to watch this on your tour bus, Ricky…Now how the f*ck you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherf*cking crew and can’t even control your b*tches. Is this n*gga licking on the Rick Ross tattoo…This n*gga sold me the motherf*cking tape, man. That’s my motherf*cking n*gga! He made one of my singles. You know, I mean his motherf*cking producer did, record executive. See if you can figure who he is…Well you know E-Class f*cked her. E-Class f*cked the b*tch first man.” (Boo Boo TV)

A lawsuit was later filed against 50 for releasing the footage publicly.

Lastonia Leviston filed the lawsuit in Manhattan, claiming unauthorized use of her name or image and emotional distress caused by the public release of a video she made with an unidentified man in 2008. In the tape, Leviston is seen showing off a tattoo on her chest with the initials “RR,” seemingly in reference to Ross, and 50 is heard providing exaggerated voice-over narration to the action in his wigged “Pimpin’ Curly” persona. (MTV)

The alleged Rick Ross teaser footage is shown below:

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