“All That Stuff They’re Fighting For Has Nothing To Do W/ Making Good Music”

“All That Stuff They’re Fighting For Has Nothing To Do W/ Making Good Music”

Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga has weighed in on the popularity of female rap beefs and why she restrains herself from hurling disses at her counterparts.

In Rah Digga’s eyes, rap beefs are meaningless and are a detriment to the most important aspect of hip-hop, the music.

“To be honest, if you’re an artist and you’re just into the music, all that [beef] stuff is irrelevant,” Digga explained in an interview. “All that stuff they’re fighting for has nothing to do with making good music or being an artist. It is what it is. It’s a fight about being a popular celebrity. It has nothing to do with music. And I don’t get caught up in that and I don’t deal with anybody in it.” (MTV)

Last fall, Digga spoke to SOHH about hip-hop’s ultimate problem.

“I think the females and everyone out just needs to keep making their music and bring it back to the basics,” Rah explained to SOHH. “A big problem with not just females but artists in general is that they think they have to make some kind of grand stand re-entrance or they have to put on some crazy production or something to make it in the industry when the answer is real simple and plain, take it back to basics.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Foxy Brown‘s Lil Kim diss track leaked online.

Lil’ Kim exchanged heated words with her nemesis Nicki Minaj and now Foxy Brown enters the ring. The Ill Na Na spits venom at the Queen Bee on the full version of her diss track “Massacre,” originally titled “Christmas Massacre” and then changed after it missed its December 25 release date. “First a b*tch wanna hate on Foxy/ Ten years later now she hating Minajie,” raps Brooklyn’s Don Diva over Jay-Z‘s “So Ghetto” instrumental. “And all that subliminal rap sh*t, I’ll put you in a Chinchilla casket … Bear witness to the rise and the fall of Miss Kimberly Jones.” (Rap-Up)

Renowned battle rap legend Kool G Rap recently discussed the current state of hip-hop beefs.

“They glorify that,” Kool G said about rappers beefing and showing off jewelry in videos. “But, we glorify having jewelry and all that too back in the days. Everybody can remember Run-DMC with the big rope chains and all that. But at the same time, Run-DMC didn’t make their claim to fame promoting gold chains or a Mercedes-Benz. They made their claim to fame by making good music. And so would the other artists that would follow. Like a Rakim, a [Big Daddy] Kane, a G Rap and KRS-One. Our [main] focus focal point was to make good music and to stand out as one of the best lyricists, as one of the best artists, or as one of the best hip-hop groups of the times.” (Vlad TV)

Check out a recent Rah Digga interview below:

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