Alicia Keys On “Unthinkable” Visual, “No, [Drake] Won’t Be In The Video”

Alicia Keys On “Unthinkable” Visual, “No, [Drake] Won’t Be In The Video”

Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys has has revealed that Drake will not appear in the music video for their duet, “Unthinkable.”

Keys also addressed Drake’s recent success and revealed her aim to collaborate with him again in the future.

The “Un-thinkable” clip will be shot in Los Angeles in mid-April with director Jake Nava (Beyonce, Britney Spears), but don’t count on an appearance from Drake. “No, he won’t be in the video,” she added. “That’s too obvious.” Keys couldn’t be happier for Drizzy’s success and revealed plans for more collaborations with the Young Money rapper. “He’s a great guy. I’m really happy for him,” she shared. “I’m really proud of all the things he’s been able to achieve, and we’re most likely going to do some kind of remix for the song that’ll be really good. There’ll be more of me and Drake.” (Rap-Up)

Drake previously talked about how his “Unthinkable” collaboration came together.

“Alicia Keys, they reached out and she said she really wanted me to do something on her project but she wanted me to do me, not do an Alicia Keys record,” Drake explained in an interview. “And man, she gave me one of the best studio experiences in my life, like when I got there, instead of being like ‘All right, here’s the beat, get to work,’ [she said] play me your favorite songs and let’s battle. Let’s battle. You play me your favorite record, we’ll go one-for-one. You play me a record and I’ll play you a record. And everybody was in the studio and — it was turning into this heated party, we were all just loving music, you know? It almost like transitioned from great music to making a song, no one even noticed it but she started playing keys and I just started writing melodies and we came up with a song that I think could really be a big record for her song. I wrote most of the record and she produced it…It was probably one of the best moments of my career.” (Rap-Up TV)

Last January, Drake talked about his ability to write R&B and hip-hop songs.

“With R&B, I know my sound. I know I make records to f*ck to,” he explained in an interview. “The way Jay and Wayne write rap, I write R&B. I don’t write lyrics down on paper. The other day, I was in the studio with Alicia Keys, and I wrote two songs just speaking to her. I wish I could write that way for rap. With my rap songs, there’s so much of me I have to give that I don’t know if I could ever just flow. The thing is, I’m a great rapper. There’s two elements to rap: having the thoughts, and then being a great rapper. I can really rap the sh*t that I write. My tone, my inflection. When I listen to myself on records, I don’t feel like I don’t belong there. When I listen to ‘Forever,’ with three of my heroes, I fit right in.” (Complex)

The rapper is currently on his Away From Home Tour, which began today.

“It’s a musical experience, it’s about a mood,” he says. “Women can come out and feel sexy. It’s gonna be good. I picked the show that I would be at, you know? I don’t know how people are gonna receive it. I hope that they come to my tour with an open mind, because it’s not me and Pleasure P and Trey Songz. It’s not what people would necessarily expect. It’s not the tour that’s based around hip-hop or R&B music. To me it’s based around refreshing sounds.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out Drake talking about his Alicia Keys collaboration down below:

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