Alicia Keys Goes “Speechless” Over Baby [Audio]

Alicia Keys Goes “Speechless” Over Baby [Audio]

Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys has expressed her love and admiration for her first baby by penning a dedication to him entitled “Speechless”.

Keys posted a link and special message about the record on Twitter yesterday (December 27).

“Speechless is a little freestyle treat 4 the holidays.It’s not a new album, not a single its something special 4 U!”

“ my gift to you….alittle song about my lil guy ;-) love to you….lets make 2011 incredible!!!” (Alicia Keys’ Twitter)

The track also features a guest appearance from Ruff Ryders’ Eve.

Eve fares far better teaming up with her “Rock With You” partner in crime, Alicia Keys, for Swizz Beatz‘s latest “Monster Monday” track, “Speechless.” The song borrows from Kanye West‘s “Devil In a Dress” and finds the new mother glowing about the impact her newborn and motherhood has had on her life while Eve chimes in with a brief verse about a guy’s love spell leaving her tongue-tied. (MOG)

On the song, Keys reflects on motherhood and her daily experiences with her son.

Despite the title, the singer had no problem putting her feelings into song. After a small introduction, describing her love for her son, Egypt Daoud Dean, Keys bundled her emotions in a soft melody. “When I wake up in the morning babe/ Can’t believe my eyes/ See this little part of destiny ’cause you’re now in my life,” she sings. “There ain’t no better prize that can compare to you/ Ain’t no words to describe the way that I’m feeling when I look at you/ I’m just speechless baby, don’t know what to say/ I’m just speechless.” (The Boom Box)

Keys also provided a video link showing her discussing the song’s creative process.

In a video posted on the site, Keys opens up about writing the song, saying, “I always start writing at the piano, because I just feel like it’s the best way to get the song out. It makes me take everything else away, and it just makes me, like, I get into it.” Beatz also appears in the video, noting that the song is just a fun little gift to Keys’ fans. “This should be a treat for the fans,” he said. “This will be a treat.” (MTV)

Alicia Keys gave birth to her first son in October.

Listen to “Speechless” down below:

Alicia Keys (feat. Eve)-Speechless by TheBluMile

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