Alicia Keys Goes Into An Election State Of Mind: “Obviously I’m An Obama Supporter”

Alicia Keys Goes Into An Election State Of Mind: “Obviously I’m An Obama Supporter”

After speaking at the Women’s Vote 2012 Summit in Philadelphia last summer, Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys sat down with SOHH to talk about the importance of females stepping up and getting their voices heard in next month’s presidential election.

While Keys stands behind President Barack Obama, she said females should vote for who they feel is the best candidate.

“I think that we as women have a really important obligation to utilize our voices to stand up for the man who will honor the things that we need as women in this country. We made so much progress over the years–obviously–and there’s just no reason to go backwards,” Keys told SOHH correspondent Amber McKynzie. “And I personally–obviously I’m an Obama supporter–feel that he really does understand women’s issues.” (SOHH)

The renowned singer also noted President Obama’s understanding and respect to women’s needs.

“He’s been raised by a super strong woman; he married a super strong woman; he raising two incredibly strong women; so he’s personally connected to what is important with women’s issues,” she added. “I think that’s such a big deal to us, we can’t just let that go to anyone. We have to be really, really, really focused on making sure that every woman that we know is going out vote for someone that we know know is going to support and continue to encourage us to be and get everything that is our just due. Anything other than that is just not the right thing.” (SOHH)

Last week, Bad Boy Records’ Machine Gun Kelly gave his take on the value of voting.

Machine Gun Kelly, who identifies himself as an anarchist, found truth in Ryan Leslie‘s stance. “As a youth, you don’t make an impact — at least you don’t feel as if you make an impact,” he said. “Voting for the presidents is like voting for the lesser of two evils.” Instead, Kells echoed Leslie’s sentiment in hopes of getting kids more involved in their communities. “What you were saying about youth can come out and start by helping their community, I felt like that’s really where our views can mesh,” he said. (MTV)

Recently, former Shady Records artist Ca$his hit up SOHH with a similar sentiment.

“As far as real politics, man, I’m not a politician,” Ca$his told SOHH when asked for his take on the upcoming presidential election. “I feel you should vote, I’m a felon, so they’ve scratched that out for me. I do feel if you have a chance, an opportunity to change something, then you should do it. Of course I rock with Obama. He’s coming out of Chicago, so of course I’m rocking with him all day. That’s where I stand and I don’t get too deep in to it because then I’ll start putting in my words and you’ll start spinning if off on people. You can choose whoever you want, vote for what you want and whatever legislation you’re feeling right now. I just want them to go ahead and make weed legal all the way to California and we good. That’s all I’m thinking about.” (SOHH)

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