Akon, T-Pain, Jim Jones & Others Talk Super Groups, Promise To Deliver Collabo Discs

Pharrell, Akon, and Kanye

From the hyped Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana connection, to the super group consisting of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Lupe Fiasco, hip-hop is full of potential collabo projects that never materialize. In this exclusive, SOHH examines the complicated world of collabo albums.

A few weeks ago, Nelly revealed his plans to form a super group with T-Pain, Akon and Pharrell. Kon, confirmed that the project is a possibility. “It’s definitely something that we’re discussing,” he told SOHH. “An idea is always an idea. Whether or not it manifests is really on the powers of those with the idea.”

“I’m all for it,” he continued. “I love to make more money. I love to create new music with artists that I admire so it’s definitely something I would be with if they could get it together.”

Unfortunately for Akon, the odds are stacked against a disc from a hip-hop based “super group.” T-Pain’s heavily hyped T-Wayne project with Lil’ Wayne has yet to come to fruition and Pharrell is already committed to a super group called Child Rebel Soldiers with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. Though Fiasco said he and his fellow CRS rappers have recorded a bunch of records for the forthcoming LP he also admitted that getting superstars to come together is not an easy task.

“First he don’t wanna do no verse on this one, then he don’t like this beat. Then he can’t come to the studio on time,” Fiasco said. “It’s regular group action going on but amazing records.”

So why do artists announce their plans to the public before plans are finalized? “I put ideas out there to see if people want to make money,” revealed Jim Jones who attempted–but failed–to cash in on a collabo album with Styles P. “Half a million here, half a million there. It all adds up to me. I’m a hustler.”

In addition to making more money, artists also benefit from the extra publicity that comes along with the big announcement. T-Pain is enjoying the buzz around his project with Lil’ Wayne and expects that it will help push his new solo album, Thr33 Ringz.

“It’s helping out because the more attention he get, the more attention I get,” Pain told SOHH previously. “So that’s awesome. Wayne gotta do a lot of interviews and he’s gon’ have to say something about me now.”

Publicity stunt aside, T-Pain is promising that the project will see the light of day sometime in 2009 and Akon is also holding out hope that Pharrell, Nelly an T-Pain will come together to make his super group a success. “Everybody that was chosen for the project are all humble people that wouldn’t have a problem doing it. The only thing that can get in our way is our schedule so we just gotta figure out how we can make it happen.”

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