Akon Pays Final Respect To Dolla, Calls Murder “A Very Senseless Crime” [Video]

Akon Pays Final Respect To Dolla, Calls Murder “A Very Senseless Crime” [Video]

Konvict labelhead Akon has addressed the recent murder of his artist Roderick “Dolla” Burton during an anti-gun speech this week in New York.

Speaking to a crowd of students, the rapper described the misguided image of guns and violence.

“He was a great kid, he didn’t deserve it,” Akon said of the 21-year-old Dolla, who was in Los Angeles to work on his first album A Dolla & A Dream. “The reason he got shot was probably the most miscellaneous thing ever. It’s to a point now where we’re always trying to find ways to deal with our issues, deal with all these main challenges which is very hard, especially when we’re surrounded by an environment that don’t really have morals.” Akon, who has been accused of embellishing his own criminal past, also called the murder “a very senseless crime.” (Rolling Stone)

Rap mogul Diddy has also spoken on the memory of Dolla.

“RIP Dolla,” Diddy wrote unmodified. “God bless his family! He was a good kid! You will be missed player. Don’t take life for granted people!” (Diddy’s Twitter)

Young Money’s Jae Millz recently shared his reaction to learning of the rapper’s passing.

“This is not a joke,” Millz wrote unmodified. “RIP to the homie Dolla from Konvict Music! I just heard he had an unfortunate incident last night. SMH…RIP my G! I need to smoke something, sh*t is crazy. In the mist of all the jokes, one ounce of bad news could fu#k up 5 kilos of laughter!! RIP DOLLA.” (Jae Millz’s Twitter)

The murder suspect, Aubrey Louis Berry, had his bail lowered in court earlier this week.

A judge has lowered bail for a Snellville man accused of murdering Atlanta rapper Dolla at a Los Angeles shopping mall. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Bork reduced Aubrey Louis Berry’s bail to $2.1 million from $5 million on Tuesday. (Access Atlanta)

Berry, as of today (May 29) remains behind bars.

Check out Akon’s anti-gun speech below:

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