After Tony Yayo’s G-Unit Suggestion, Remy Ma Refuses To Rush Any Deal

After Tony Yayo’s G-Unit Suggestion, Remy Ma Refuses To Rush Any Deal

Former Terror Squad member Remy Ma recently discussed her label situation as she prepares to finish up a bid on a gun-related conviction.

Despite perceived interest from big-name celebrities, Remy said she wants to wait before rushing into her next label situation.

“I didn’t want to sign anything as major as a deal from [prison],” Remy said in an interview. “A lot of things have changed since I’ve been gone, so I wanted to come home. …. [Nicki Minaj?] Nick has always been a supporter and vice versa. I like what she does. She’s done wonderful things for females, but I just wish there was more of them. I don’t know what they’re doing letting these guys take over.” (Power 105.1)

Last month, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo posted a “Free Remy Ma” photo onto his Instagram page.

“Free Remy @50cent need to sign her first day out @_young6. She got bars for days.,” Yayo captioned June 17. (Tony Yayo’s Instagram)

Back in summer 2012, Remy revealed 50 Cent reached out to her during the jail stint.

“50 wrote me a great letter when I needed my appeal and I needed people to send letters and make sure that I have things set up so I could actually come home early,” Remy added. “He was very cooperative to make sure that they knew everything was set up for me to come home [and] Keyshia Cole, that’s my friend to the end, I’ll never forget everything [she’s done] to help me throughout the day. Those two was phenomenal — and I’ll never forget things they did for me. There’s other people that did things that I’ll never forget but those two — pretty much [are helping me] come home early.” (Hot 97)

Back in March, Papoose revealed he had plans to take Remy out for a meal once she is released.

Papoose is awaiting the July 31 release of Ma, who is serving time at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women for the shooting of Makeda Barnes-Joseph, who was accused of stealing $3,000 from the musician. “That’s going to be a very special day for me,” said the rapper of his wife’s release. “They say I never smile, but they going to see me with a Kool Aid smile that day.” As for his plans with her when she is released: “I want to take her out to eat,” he said, sharing plans to take her to Tao. “We going to go over there and have a good meal.” (NY Daily News)


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