After Steamy Super Bowl Performance, Beyoncé Raises The Bar Even Higher

After Steamy Super Bowl Performance, Beyoncé Raises The Bar Even Higher

Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter may have used last night’s Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance as a sneak peek at what is in store, now officially announcing her new “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”

Bey will take center stage at various hot spots across the globle starting in mid-April.

Following a Super Bowl halftime show that set Twitter ablaze and quite possibly melted the circuitry at the Superdome, Beyonce announced that she will embark on a nearly four month transatlantic tour that will kick off in Serbia on April 15. After two almost months in Europe — with dates in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and nearly every other major city — she will kick off a two month trek across the United States, starting in Los Angeles and ending in Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center — an arena in which her husband, Jay-Z, owns a stake. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The iconic singer will start the tour overseas and eventually make her way back to the United States in late June.

The tour begins April 15 with a number of stops in Europe, including four nights at London’s O2 Arena. The first show in the United States is June 28 in Los Angeles. Organizers say Beyonce’s tour will be “bigger in scope” than any of her previous tours. It will last nearly a year, with the second segment including concerts in Latin America, Australia and Asia. She hasn’t been on the road since her “I Am World” Tour in 2009. That tour attracted 1.1 million fans at 100-plus shows in 32 countries. (Charlotte Observer)

The global tour announcement comes hours after Bey raised eyebrows with her Super Bowl halftime performance in New Orleans.

Her hit-filled, hair-flipping performance was a marvel of intensity, like a two-hour concert condensed into a few minutes. Every moment – from wrist flick to rock lick – was a marvel of intensity unmatched by any halftime show in recent memory. (And, yes, that includes Madonna in 2012 and Prince in 2007.) Fans raced across the floor before Beyoncé appeared, and thousands of blue finger flashlights lit up the stadium. (They were given to fans once inside the dome.) She stood center stage, in silhouette, before belting out a bit of “Love On Top” from 2011 album “4.” It segued into “Crazy in Love,” and the first glimpse of her black leather and long legs. She was joined, as always, by her female band and dancers, who enjoyed a nice bit of spotlight during “End of Time” and “Baby Boy.” (Houston Chronicle)

She even brought out longtime friends Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a brief Destiny’s Child reunion last night.

Her set began with “Love On Top” from her lastest album 4. She followed with “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” and “Baby Boy” before being joined on stage by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. The reunited Destiny’s Child trio sang “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women,” and “Single Ladies,” before leaving Queen B to reign supreme again. Beyonce then finished her show with “Halo.” (Entertainment Weekly)

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