After Sex Tape Threats, AP.9 Squeezes Coco For Dear Life

After Sex Tape Threats, AP.9 Squeezes Coco For Dear Life

Rapper AP.9 appears no where close to ending his publicized campaign against hip-hop veteran Ice-T as seen with the new release of a steamy photo featuring himself and allegedly video vixen Coco Austin.

In the new photo, AP.9 is clearly shown firmly grabbing onto the backside of what appears to be Coco’s body.

The rapper who first made headlines in December after releasing a series of steamy photos with Coco Austin is speaking out again, this time with claims that the pair made a racy sex tape. AP. 9, a low budget California emcee, recently sold a story to Star magazine claiming that he not only slept with Ice-T’s wife but documented the entire thing on camera. Star now says they have photos of Coco in various stages of undress. Furthermore AP.9 is shopping around a sex tape that reportedly shows him engaging in various sex acts with the star. Most recently he’s released a photo of him grabbing Austin’s voluptuous backside. Check out another innapropiate photo of Austin with the rapper. (Rolling Out)

Heading into last weekend, rumors of an AP.9/Coco adult tape being shopped around surfaced.

Publicist Kali Bowyer tells RumorFix exclusively that reps for the musical artist contacted her asking for “help to promote and sell pictures and video above the 100k offer.” Now Bowyer tells us she was told the rapper “has various pics, audio and footage of him placing his hand into her private parts, acts of oral sex, doggy style positions with miscellaneous graphic exploits and sexual conduct.” Bowyer turned down the job, telling us, ” While I personally will NOT engage in something so crude and disgusting, I have no hesitation in blowing the lid off his intentions.” (RumorFix)

Days prior, the rapper explained how he managed to hook up with the married diva while out in Las Vegas.

“I first met Coco at Surerender nightclub in Las Vegas,” AP.9 tells Star magazine. “She invited me back to her table; I had a couple of drinks; we exchanged numbers. I could tell we had a physical attraction.” “She asked me, ‘What are you doing after the club?’ I said, ‘I’m probably just going to get a room and stay right here.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m going with you.” But the most explosive allegation: “We had sex,” AP.9 says. “I don’t know who made the first move. It wasn’t making love; it was just sex.” Another bomb: “We had sex unprotected. I really hope she isn’t pregnant!” (Hollywood Life)

Recently, Coco came out to separate herself from the controversy.

Mention of the photos though causes Coco to sigh. ‘Do I want to set the record straight? No,’ she replies, ‘because that’s old news. And those pictures [with Moose Diesel] are old too. People are going to think what they think and there’s nothing I can do about it. But people were also saying my booty was fake too no matter what I said or did, so there’s nothing I can do about that either. ‘Ice and I just live our own lives,’ she adds. ‘I have to answer to him and he has to answer to me and that’s it. We don’t care about the outside world and even though it can be harsh out there, we just have to deal with it.’ After the scandal erupted, rumours abounded that the couple were about to split, but, says Coco, ‘there’s no truth to that rumour at all. I look at couples in the street who are in their sixties and have been together for 40 years and they’re my idols. That’s Ice and me for sure. We already feel like that because we’ve been together so long.’ (Daily Mail)

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