After NYC Arrest, Jim Jones Says “Keep A Lawyer On Retainer”

After NYC Arrest, Jim Jones Says “Keep A Lawyer On Retainer”

Dipset’s Jim Jones is back to business after experiencing a nasty run-in with New York City law enforcement earlier in the week which resulted in him getting arrested.

Instead of getting deep into the arrest, Capo dished out a key legal tip.

“Keep a lawyer on retainer n U will b just fine #VampFacts #sameGame #DifferentDay,” Jim tweeted October 4.

“@sisterpeggy a hair salon might b needed for ur A** worry bout u n tht lil bit if hair u got lmao” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Details of Jimmy’s latest run-in with law enforcement surfaced across the Internet earlier in the week.

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested for cruising around high — and allegedly at high speed — this morning in the Bronx … TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement sources … NYPD pulled JJ over around 2 AM for speeding on a highway … and when officers approached his Chevy Impala (baller) — they say he had bloodshot eyes and looked out of it. We’re told they put Jones through some field sobriety tests … which he did NOT pass with flying colors. Sources tell us JJ refused a breathalyzer test back at the police station, and was booked for driving under the influence of drugs. We’re told the drug is believed to be marijuana. Jones has been busted a few other times in NY and NJ, but still can’t touch DMX’s stats. Nobody does. (TMZ)

Back in April, Jones had a publicized incident go down with police in New Jersey.

Jim Jones claims he was the victim of racial profiling at Newark Airport last week — when he was pulled over by 4 white cops, who ordered him out of the car while they searched the vehicle for drugs … and TMZ has the pic. A rep for the “We Fly High” rapper tells us … Jones was at the airport Friday, waiting to pick up a friend (who asks Jim Jones to pick them up from the airport?) when he was approached by a police officer who told Jim he smelled weed coming from Jones’ car. You can see in the pic … four cops surrounded Jones while he was ordered out of the car and told to place his hands on the trunk. The cops searched both Jim’s person and his car. (TMZ)

While his rep claimed racial profiling took place, a New York/New Jersey Port Authority source said the matter was under investigated.

Jim’s rep tells us … cops didn’t find a single piece of the green stuff — but still issued Jim a citation for driving without a license. Jim’s rep says the rapper is furious over the incident — explaining, “He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling.” A rep for the NY/NJ Port Authority tells us … they were unaware of the situation and are currently looking into it. (TMZ)

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