After Nasty Public Feud, Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel To Face-Off

After Nasty Public Feud, Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel To Face-Off

After igniting a must-read Twitter dispute over the past few weeks, rap star Kanye West has reportedly agreed to see late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel face-to-face.

According to reports, Mr. West and Kimmel will see each other in-person during a taping this week.

ABC says Kanye West is appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, less than two weeks after the pair got into what Kimmel called a “rap feud.” The musician will be a guest Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the network said Tuesday. In late September, Kimmel’s show aired a skit that mocked a West radio interview by having a child re-create it. West responded with an irate phone call to Kimmel and a series of Twitter messages that labeled the comedian out of line and unfunny. (Fox News)

Clearly in support of Mr. West, G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T recently explained why Kanye reacted the way he did.

“People just really need to understand that he’s really no nonsense,” explained Pusha. “He’s very passionate about everything he’s telling to the people. Nine times out of 10, he’s enlightening you or showing you the way. I feel like when someone makes light of it, he may take it to heart. I’m Team Kanye. I don’t really care about the other guy.” (Rap-Up)

Asked for a take on Kimmel poking fun at rap pal Yeezy during his recent in-depth interview with BBC Radio 1, Miami rapper Rick Ross had a less than friendly response.

“I really didn’t watch all the interview. I just saw some of the Jimmy Kimmel sh*t. F*ck Jimmy Kimmel. You know we riding with the culture. So, Jimmy Kimmel he ain’t welcome here no more. You understand it? People who cross that line they not welcome no more. But as far as Kanye, I just love his passion. And I feel anybody that love what they do you gotta respect someone that is that passionate about what they do because homie a hundred mill you can just sit back and really don’t give a f*ck, but he actually cares about the culture. He puts that much passion into it.” (MTV)

Despite handfuls of disses shot at Kimmel, West’s Twitter page was wiped clean last week.

It looks like Kanye West has had a little change of heart. Just days after the rapper went on a Twitter tirade bashing Jimmy Kimmel, the new dad deleted all the posts from his account. ICYMI, Kanye slammed Kimmel on Twitter last week after the late night host spoofed a recent interview the rapper gave to BBC Radio 1?s, Zane Lowe. Kimmel hired two young kid actors to re-enact West’s interview with Lowe, but the “Black Skinhead” rapper was not pleased with the video. “Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years,” Kanye wrote on the social media website. “Jimmy Kimmel, I don’t take it as a joke … You don’t have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter,” another tweet read. On Thursday night, Kimmel addressed the issue on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sharing with his audience that Kanye called him an hour before going on air. (Hip Hollywood)

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