After Messy Nas Break-Up, Kelis Gets Her Music Career Back On Track

After Messy Nas Break-Up, Kelis Gets Her Music Career Back On Track

R&B singer Kelis is looking to the future after a publicized divorce from ex-husband Nas by piecing together her upcoming Food solo album.

The singer’s first project in four years is catching some buzz this week courtesy of its cover art landing online.

The 13 tracks include food-inspired titles such as “Cobbler,” “Fish Fry,” and “Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy.” The album is now available for pre-order on iTunes along with the lead single “Jerk Ribs.” The follow-up to 2010?s Flesh Tone will be released on U.K. indie label Ninja Tune. It was produced entirely by Dave Sitek, the founder of rock band TV on the Radio and producer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Food is described as “a soul record that’s as raw and alternative as it is classic.” The 34-year-old explores pain, happiness, and everything in between, while showcasing her “most frank and vulnerable vocals to date.” (Rap-Up)

The album’s tracklisting has also managed to premiere online ahead of its April 22 release date.

Food Tracklisting 1. “Jerk Ribs” 2. “Breakfast” 3. “Forever Be” 4. “Floyd” 5. “Runner” 6. “Hooch” 7. “Cobbler” 8. “Bless the Telephone” 9. “Fish Fry” 10. “Change” 11. “Rumble” 12. “Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy” 13. “Dreamer” (Food)

A few days ago, Kelis sparked some attention after posting an image onto her Instagram page seemingly in reference to her divorce.

Did she just blame her divorce on Nas’ God complex? The Grammy’s are in L.A. this week and while Kelis has been seen out a few events, her ex-hubby Nas has been getting ALL the attention — even being honored by VIBE Magazine with an Impact award Friday night. We’re guessing she musta felt some kinda way cuz she took to her Instagram with a lil shade. “Our break up was due to religious differences. He thought he was God. I didn’t.” ‘Lol! Yes! So true, so funny!!!’ WELP! There you have it… No disrespect to either party but THIS is actually hilarious! For years Nas has loved to rely on God body references in his music, even dubbing himself a God or God’s Son at times. What do you think of her picure? (Bossip)

Although he did not dish out many details, “God’s Son” said he and Kells had put their past issues behind them last January.

“We’re back together as friends. We were not friends. We were not the best friends for a long time. It was crazy. We’re friends now. That’s what it is. We’re not together. We’re friends though.” (Hot 97)

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