After Last Week’s Big Fight, Floyd Mayweather Wins $200K

After Last Week’s Big Fight, Floyd Mayweather Wins $200K

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. better hope he has a good accountant as reports claim he won $200,000 after betting on a college football game this weekend.

According to reports, Money Mayweather put his chips on Texas A&M’s star quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Texas A&M won big. So did Floyd Mayweather. It turns out the Aggies’ 42-13 victory against SMU paid off in multiple zeroes for Mayweather, who won $200,000 betting on A&M to cover a 17.5-point first-half spread against the Mustangs. (Basically, Mayweather bet that A&M would be ahead by 18 or more points after 30 minutes against the overmatched Mustangs.) No big deal. Mayweather just put down $220,000 to bet on a football game – a college game, actually, and not the entire game but the first half. Three birds, one stone: Mayweather made a tremendous sum of money – for most of us, at least, though it’s chump change after his recent $40 million payday; he gave A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel a holler; and made a very timely quip about the status of student-athletes in amateur athletics. (USA Today)

To add insult to injury, Floyd even tweeted out a photo of his hefty bet.

“Congratulations @JManziel2 for putting on a fantastic show. He may not be able to make money off himself but I can.,” he tweeted September 21 night. (Floyd Mayweather’s Twitter)

The Texas A&M star recently paid an ode to Young Money protégé Drake with a special October’s Very Own tattoo.

With all the attention given to Johnny Manziel’s autograph celebration and his three touchdowns this afternoon, it’s extremely easy to miss the neat little tattoo on the quarterback’s wrist. Manziel still found time to get himself an OVO tattoo through all the adventures he’s had this past year. Now every time ESPN zooms into Manziel in action–which will undoubtedly happen multiple times this season because he’s Johnny Manziel and because it’s ESPN–you’ll see OVO right there in black ink. (Complex)

Last week, Mayweather received a guaranteed $41.5 million from his televised pay-per-view fight and will most likely bank on up to $350 million when the extra payouts are tallied up.

Floyd Mayweather puts his legacy and undefeated record on the line Saturday night when he steps into the ring against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Mayweather will receive a record guarantee of $41.5 million (Canelo is due $5 million) and is in line for a total payout millions more after all of the pay-per-view receipts are counted and “Money” Mayweather takes his cut. In a 17-year career full of monster paydays, it will be the biggest one yet, topping the $45 million, including his share of PPV revenue, for fighting Miguel Cotto in 2012. Mayweather’s cumulative earnings will likely hit $350 million with the Canelo fight. (Forbes)

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