After Kim K Split, Kris Humphries’ Mom Moves In

After Kim K Split, Kris Humphries’ Mom Moves In

Brooklyn Nets’ star Kris Humphries‘ mom may get a chance to have dinner with minority owner Jay-Z after recently moving into her son’s building.

Details of the new living situation rolled onto the Internet Sunday (October 21).

File this under awwwkward … Kris Humphries’ recently-divorced mother is getting a brand new condo — IN THE SAME FANCY BUILDING as her NBA player son!!!!! Sources close to Kris tell TMZ … following his parents’ divorce, his mom moved out of her house in Minnesota — and started crashing at Kris’ pad in NJ. But TMZ broke the story … Kris recently moved to a swanky $8k/ month condo in NYC when the Nets moved to Brooklyn — and now his mom is following suit. (TMZ)

Kris is reporteldy looking out for his mom, picking up the monthly rent.

We’re told Kris is footing the bill on the rental (which is NOT on the same floor as his) — but Mama Humphries DOES have a key to his apt … and likes to show up unannounced sometimes. Sources close to Kris tell TMZ … his mom always wanted to move to the Big Apple and Kris couldn’t tell her no — but he also likes having her around. (TMZ)

The basketball star’s parents had their divorce finalized a few weeks back.

The couple, who have three adult children — Kris, and his sisters Krystal and Kaela — were able to come to an agreement before the divorce papers were even filed, reports TMZ. According to the agreement neither party will be awarded spousal support, and Kris’ father William, who owns several Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants throughout Minnesota, will get the couple’s Chaska home, the BMW, the boat, the grand piano and according to TMZ a “whole lot of credit card debt.” The website reports that when Debra filed the divorce papers she included a signed settlement agreement, which also states that the parties will go their separate ways with their own cash, checking, and savings accounts, and William will pay all the legal fees. (Huffington Post)

Reports of Mr. and Mrs. Humphries’ separation developed around mid-August.

It’s been a good year for lawyers who know the Humphries family. Son Kris has spent months paying his attorneys to slow his divorce proceedings down as much as possible, and now, his parents have decided to end their own marriage, which will keep at least two more litigators in business. The NBA player’s mother, Debra, filed the paperwork earlier this month. It’s unclear how Kris’ father, William, feels about her decision, but regardless, she seems ready to move forward. (Cinema Blend)

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