After Joining Gucci Mane, 17-Year-Old Chief Keef’s Child Support Bills Exposed

After Joining Gucci Mane, 17-Year-Old Chief Keef’s Child Support Bills Exposed

Chicago rapper Chief Keef may have a new squad with Gucci Mane but he has the same problems over child support to his teenage baby’s mother.

Details of the messy situation sprouted online early Monday (May 13).

17-year-old rap prodigy Chief Keef is making bank off his music — GREAT NEWS — except he knocked up a girl and now has to pay a TON in child support based off his budding income. TMZ broke the story, Keef — real name Keith Cozart — was sued for child support? by his middle-school-aged baby mama earlier this year. She claimed Keef fathered her kid — born in 2011 — when he was only 15. (TMZ)

While everything is still being finalized, Keef is reportedly responsible for paying over $2,500 a month to provide for his daughter.

According to court docs, the teenage rapper pulls in about $13,000 A MONTH!!! Pretty baller considering his age. As a result, a judge ordered Keef to pony up $2,600 a month in child support — based on his lucrative career — plus $500 in day care expenses and $10,400 in previously unpaid support. A hearing is set for next month to finalize the amount. (TMZ)

Initial buzz behind the legal battle heated up the Internet in mid-January.

Keef, whose actual name is Keith Cozart, is named as the defendant is a suit that reportedly seeks day care expenses, health insurance, out-of-pocket health expenses, retroactive child support and the payment of legal fees that were incurred by the child’s mother, who had to have been around 12 or 13-years-old when she conceived the baby. (News One)

Following the news, local Chicago reporter Mark Konkol clarified the speculated age difference between Chief and his baby’s mother.

“TMZ is all rumors and I went and checked out the court filings and found out she’s in college now,” Chicago reporter Mark Konkol revealed in an interview. “She’s only two months younger than Chief Keef and it wasn’t as scandalous as everyone said it was. [Was he seeing a girl in middle school?] No, that’s not the situation at all.” (“Morning Riot”)

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