After Houston Strip Club Rihanna Date, Drake Shows H-Town Some Serious Love

After Houston Strip Club Rihanna Date, Drake Shows H-Town Some Serious Love

Days after Young Money’s Drake spent a memorable night with one-time girlfriend Rihanna at a Houston strip club, the hip-hop artist has gone a step further by tattooing the popular city onto his body.

The Young Money stud posted a photo of his new ink job onto image-sharing social network Instagram this week.

Drake puts his love for Houston in ink…so you know it’s real. Yesterday, the Toronto rapper celebrated November 18 with a brand new “H” tattoo in homage for H-Town. “November 18th H Town” he captioned under his new body art which features a shaded star. The date holds a special place in Drake’s heart. His song “November 18th” from So Far Gone is an ode to H-Town and a nod to the late DJ Screw‘s famous “June 27.” “Yeah, one time for the homie DJ Screw/Already, I’m feeling throwed in this b—-h,” Drake says on the track, which has become a fan favorite. (RapFix)

Earlier this year, Drizzy paid homage to a couple of late family members with tattoos.

Is this week “Young Money’s National Get Tatted Week”??, first Lil Wayne gets a tat on his forehead, now Drake gets one across his back, however Drake’s is more sensible. The rapper is showing respect to a couple of family members in the form of new ink. Drake went under the needle in honor of his uncle and grandmother. The images tattooed on his back, of his uncle who he credits for a lot of his success and his grandmother Evelyn Sher, who helped raised him, she recently passed away thanksgiving of 2012. Drake has shown his appreciation for them before on a track titled “Look what you’ve done” off his “Take Care” album. (Gossip Daily)

A couple years ago, Drizzy added late R&B icon Aaliyah to his body.

Drake may have the flimsiest hand in Hip-Hop, yet the rapper keeps a firm grip as he flexes in this new gym shot. The Young Money superstar has been working up a sweat as he prepares to take his ‘Club Paradise’ tour on the road, sharing his progress with fans on picture platform, Instagram. Kudos on the svelte physique, but those tattoo’s (Aaliyah one included). No. (That Grape Juice)

Recently, West Coast rapper Game talked about turning his butterfly facial tattoo into a Los Angeles symbol.

“You know what, when I was growing up, if you did something within the confines of the gang you were from, and you were able to get a tattoo in a certain space and I don’t know, I thought that reward was pretty cool. So I got my first tattoo, which was the tear drop, for doing the wrong thing and after that it was tattoo after tattoo. I probably got about 100. Over 100. [The face tattoo?] I really, really was an idiot at that point in my life. It’s a star with ‘LA’, putting on for my city.” (“Larry King Now”)

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