After Gushing Over Leonardo DiCaprio, 50 Cent Snuggles W/ Hollywood Diva

After Gushing Over Leonardo DiCaprio, 50 Cent Snuggles W/ Hollywood Diva

G-Unit head 50 Cent is determined to show his career is deeper than rap after being spotted alongside Hollywood icon Meryl Streep over the weekend in New York City.

The rapper-turned-executive and renowned actress shared some laughs and flirty talk at Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks play Sunday (January 26).

They’re unlikely friends but Meryl Streep and 50 Cent had a ball sat when they next to each other at the Los Angeles Lakers vs New York Knicks game, on Sunday. The A-list duo turned out for the New York event and ended up sitting next to each other on the front row, even holding hands at one point. 64-year-old Meryl was overcome by a fit of giggles as she sat between the 38-year-old gangsta rapper and her husband of 36 years, Don Gummer. The pair were joined by friends as they took their place at the Madison Square Garden game, while most of Hollywood were enjoying an evening at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. (Daily Mail UK)

Fif even boasted about the unexpected hook-up via his Instagram page.

50 Cent looked like he had wrapped up warm for the game, pre-empting the blustery weather in the Big Apple. Wearing a bobble hat, hoody and leather jacket, 50, real name Curtis Jackson, also wore the obligatory rap-bling in the form of several chunky, gold chains around his neck. Meanwhile, Meryl looked casual but fabulous, as always, in a simple white shirt and black v-neck jumper with a coral-coloured pashmina. Wearing dark denim jeans and sensible snow-walking black boots, the 64-year-old star looked younger than her years. It’s hard to tell who was more excited out of the duo, with Meryl blushing, giggling and holding the rappers hand while 50 Cent uploaded several pictures to his Instagram, declaring, ‘Man I got a good life man lol’ (Daily Mail UK)

Speaking to talk show host Rachel Ray last month, G-Unit’s 50 Cent revealed a serious interest in working with movie star Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I got a call from De Niro,” Fif said. “I’ve seen him in a lot of movies but he’s like the guy from Goodfellas, ‘Paulie,’ he’s like, ‘Eh, this project, I think should do it.’ I’m like, ‘You think? Okay.’ Yeah. [A collaboration wish list?] I have one. Leonardo DiCaprio, yeah. He don’t miss, he don’t miss. And I just saw his new project, Wolf of Wall Street, a private screening, it was [fantastic]. He was in there with me. Yeah, I was like, ‘This is really, this is cool.’ Yeah, like, you’re going to come watch it with me. It was an exciting night. I’m on his fan list right now. There were a few people there that I had worked with in the past. Terrence Winters, he actually wrote The Wolf of Wall Street, he wrote Get Rich or Die Tryin’ for me. Yeah, it was a good room. If you’re in a room and you’re the hottest person in the room, you know you’re in the wrong room.” (“The Rachel Ray Show”)

Outside of Hollywood, Fif recently discussed the decline in music sales over the last decade and said it forced artists to seek alternate ways to make a living.

“With the music culture, you were a sellout to be a part of doing business with a major corporation,” he said. “You were considered a crossover from hard-core hip-hop. Now technology has changed how people consume music. Because music companies aren’t making as much as they were from CD sales, they’re not providing the marketing dollars. Now you see the biggest artists in a car commercial with their new song.” (CNBC)

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