After Future Blows Up, Another Southern Rapper Inks Epic Deal

After Future Blows Up, Another Southern Rapper Inks Epic Deal

Memphis rap veteran Yo Gotti has reportedly joined forces with ever-growing music label Epic Records after a slew of independent releases dating back over a decade.

Gotti has released a statement on the new partnership and largely credited Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid for making it go down.

“This is a solid partnership that allows me to do what I do on bigger platforms, with the respect and support of the Epic team,” explains Yo Gotti. “Throughout L.A. Reid’s career, I realize he has been a part of creating some of the biggest superstars in the industry. I feel there is no better person to partner with. After my meeting with L.A. Reid, Benny Pough and his staff felt like Epic would be the perfect home to further the growth of CMG.” (Statement)

Yo also said he placed emphasis on the label’s worth and dedication to hard work over any dollar amount.

“A lot of labels were talking big checks, but the money didn’t interest me,” explains Gotti. “I wanted a partner that wasn’t afraid to work as hard as I do. I knew that by sticking to my independent business mind frame and continuing to chase my dream, that the right situation was going to come. The independent success we’ve had thus far with our tour, merchandising and projects from myself and my first artist Zed Zilla has given me the perfect opportunity to create the best possible partnership for CMG,” Gotti says. “I have no doubt that we will take our movement to its pinnacle with Epic Records.” (Statement)

New York rapper Uncle Murda recently spoke to SOHH about ditching Def Jam and joining Reid at Epic Records.

“People don’t even realize with L.A. Reid, when I first signed to Def Jam, when Jay-Z had signed me to Def Jam, L.A. Reid was over there also,” Murda told SOHH. “So he had to sign off on it. L.A. Reid was there. Like Sheek [Louch told y’all], L.A. Reid is into this hip-hop sh*t for real. Don’t get that f*cked up, he’s got love for this sh*t. When I was over there at Def Jam with L.A. Reid and Jay-Z, he had to co-sign me and everything. And this time, I hooked back up with him through Chris Lighty, God Bless him. I got the deal over there with Epic and Reid was like, ‘Let’s make this sh*t happen this time. For real. Let’s take it to where it’s got to go.’ So L.A. Reid is very much into this sh*t.” (SOHH)

Last year, Gotti talked to SOHH about the Memphis music scene blowing up.

“Memphis is most definitely on the grind right now,” Gotti told SOHH. “You got Young Buck, you got Don Trip, you got a lot of hot producers out here coming up like Drumma Boy and Drumma Drumma. We just trying to get it and put the sh*t on. We most definitely feel like it’s our time and we most definitely are trying to put in the work. We ain’t looking for no handouts. We just gonna grab it. This is what we do.” (SOHH)

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