After Eminem & 50 Cent Collabos, Obie Trice Wants God’s Son

After Eminem & 50 Cent Collabos, Obie Trice Wants God’s Son

With hip-hop collaborations at what seems to be an all-time high these days, SOHH recently spoke to former Shady Records rapper Obie Trice about who he would want to collaborate with.

While he has already worked with rap stars like Eminem and 50 Cent, Obie said a few notable New York hip-hop artists are on his wish list.

“Probably, Just Blaze. You know I never did anything with him,” Obie told SOHH. “I would love to able to do some music with Just. There’s actually a few cats. Kanye [West and] Swizz [Beatz], but probably Just at this moment. [I would love to record with] Nas, probably. We’re trying to reach out to Nas now actually. A few people know him that I know, so we’re trying to see if we can do something with him. That’s one dude I’ve never been on the record with. I would really appreciate that if I could do a record with Nas at this moment.” (SOHH)

In September, Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica applauded Nas’ iconic status in an ever-changing rap game.

“Nas is one of the gods, one of the greatest of all time, one of the godfathers of even my own style,” he said. “I met him on a humble submission and he is one of the greatest ever — he never has or never will need a ghostwriter. He’s legendary, his pen game is unquestionable; salute to Nas. “And all of the other bullsh–, is just bullsh–,” he added, addressing the stories that have been told over the past few weeks. (MTV)

New York native Fabolous recently gushed over Nas’ Life Is Good album.

“I think it’s actually a breath of fresh air for hip-hop,” Fab said. “It’s a different direction than a lot of the hip-hop that’s been coming out more recent. It’s so fresh. It’s so good to hear fresh music once in a while. You know, nothing wrong with the sound that’s in hip-hop right now, except for that it’s over-saturated you know, but I think Nas gives a different approach. I think that’s dope. “It’s just about making great hip-hop overall and I think Nas’ album adds to that,” ‘Loso added. (XXL Mag)

Outside of God’s Son co-signs, Obie previously spoke to SOHH about his admiration for Redman.

“I would say Redman is underrated. Redman because he was a great artist and still is. I think that he definitely should have had more exposure than he did. I mean he had a great career, don’t get me wrong, but I wanna see that type of artist consistently killin’ ‘em out here. That’s what I’m into. I like to see things like that. I believe Redman’s definitely a face of hip hop music. Whatever his personal life is, I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything but I know he’s hip hop. I know when I go see a Reggie Noble show I’m gonna enjoy myself and I’m gonna leave with something to talk about. He’s a great performer, great lyricist … so I just wanna be able to see more of that comin’ to the forefront.” (SOHH Underrated)

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