After Def Jam Bashing, Jeezy Makes Power Move W/ Jay Z

After Def Jam Bashing, Jeezy Makes Power Move W/ Jay Z

Days after lashing out against Def Jam Records, Atlanta’s Jeezy appears to have a trick up his sleeve by teaming up with longtime rap pal Jay Z‘s Roc Nation.

While details are scarce, reports claim Jeezy and Young Hov have officially joined forces.

It appears that Jeezy has aligned himself and possibly his CTE imprint with Roc Nation. Jeezy took a picture with Jay Z, with the caption reading: “It’s Official Now. CTE x Roc Nation x It’s Tha World.” As of now, details of the deal have not been revealed. In the past week, Jeezy has expressed frustration with his own label situation at Def Jam Records. He has threatened to provide fans with “an early X-Mas present” if the situation doesn’t change. Meanwhile, Jeezy’s CTE World label has previously been under Atlantic Records. (Complex)

In a brief Twitter rant, the “Snowman” threatened to leak his own project if Def Jam did not get it together.

“where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart,” Jeezy tweeted November 12.

“I been perfecting this album 2 years for #myfans”

“N*ggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want!”

“If Def Jam don’t get this right y’all got an early xmas gift #myfans”

“This about that fans! That’s all!”

“Lucian and Barry boss up”

“or my fans gonna get an early xmas gift beeleedat #SNOWMAN” (Jeezy’s Twitter)

Former Def Jam executive L.A. Reid appeared to acknowledge Jeezy’s comments.

“@YoungJeezy #BeEpic,” Reid tweeted November 12. (L.A. Reid’s Twitter)

The ATL rapper recently spoke on plans to drop a new album in the near future.

“A lot of you know when I came into the game, I pretty much came into the game with my hands behind my back. There’s a lot of sh*t I would like to talk about or could have talked about but was probably going to get me into a lot of trouble. So this is probably my first album where I’m able to explain. In layman’s terms, it’s statue of limitations.” (CTE tha World)

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