After Co-Signing Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ LP, Dame Dash Spotted W/ Cam’ron

After Co-Signing Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ LP, Dame Dash Spotted W/ Cam’ron

A week after publicly co-signing former business partner Jay-Z‘s new Magna Carta Holy Grail, ex-Roc-A-Fella Records owner Damon “Dame” Dash has linked up with Dipset’s Cam’ron.

While it is uncertain if Dame and Cam have something in the works, he did acknowledge their Harlem, New York roots have them stuck together.

Looks like the bond between Damon Dash and Cam’ron is still Intact. “Caught up wit my brother Cam…Harlem sticks together” We can’t forget how Dame brought Cam over to the Roc and Cam’ron dropped his most successful album, “Come Home With Me.” I don’t think anyone could have predicted their careers to go the way they did after that point. What should be Dame and Cam’s next moves in your opinion? (Real Talk NY)

A few days ago, Jay-Z acknowledged seeing Dash react to his new Magna Carta Holy Grail LP.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Jay said when asked about Dash co-signing his new LP. “The thing, what we built, you can’t take that away so no matter what, no time or space — the love is still there. Because what we’ve done will forever be stamped in history. We created something that’s gonna go down forever. So I can only have love for Dame. I just don’t know where we are in our life, we’re not the same two men at that time when we gelled in that way. We were two different people. I haven’t seen him in a while. … [His publicized woes?] I can’t control everything. I can’t control the things in life. Of course if you see somebody going through problems, I have ultimate confidence in him that he’ll find his way ’cause he’s an amazing and smart guy — he’s a hustler and he’s highly intelligent, so I always root for him and always believe that he’ll find his way out of it. But I can’t control what happens in life.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Last week, Dame boasted about Jigga’s latest solo effort.

“In the barber shop listening to jays new album….I can’t front… I still like hearing him pop shit cause I know he’s telling the truth…proud to be be a part of that..#bittersweet,” Dash wrote on Instagram July 5. (Dame Dash’s Instagram)

Despite not having the same relationship as they had years ago, Dame recently said he still respects Young Hov.

“I don’t remember,” Dame said when asked about the last time he spoke to Jay. “[It’s crazy,] it is. It’s corny. I always felt that way. You know. He was [my son’s godfather]. [My son’s] not thinking about that sh*t, he’s got a father. [laughs] He’s not thinking about it at all. He sent me some tickets the other day, I needed some. I don’t think it’s an issue with him. I just think we took different paths. Period. I’m proud of everything he’s done. I’m proud of everything I’ve done since then and I feel like I’ve done a lot and I feel like whatever his dreams are, he’s made his dreams come true. But my dreams aren’t the same as his. … I’m not really trying to be in hip-hop at 42 and 43 and looking like the old man in the club. I never wanted to do that. I always wanted to do fashion, I always wanted to make movies. I enjoy business.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

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