After Blasting 50 Cent, Jay Electronica Wipes Out His Tweets

After Blasting 50 Cent, Jay Electronica Wipes Out His Tweets

Less than 24 hours after Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica flooded his Twitter page with a flurry of tweets dissing 50 Cent and other hip-hop artists, the rapper has wiped his page clean.

Without any rhyme or reason, Jay Elect deleted his Twitter page of the evidence.

Jay Electronica got drunk on Christmas Eve and was on Twitter. So you know what happens in the next part of this story. Mr. Electronica wants to make an album with the Villain. “Somebody tell MF DOOM let’s make a f-ckin album,” he tweeted. He also says French Montana isn’t lyrical but that he has “Birdman” type swag, and he even dared 50 Cent to say something about it. Uh oh. Unfortunately, Jay Elec has since deleted all his tweets save for one. But this is the Internet, and nothing is ever truly wiped clean. (Hip Hop Wired)

Some sites even took screenshots of Jay’s comments so they could live forever online.

Jay Electronica has been pretty quiet lately, but he did take some time out on Christmas Eve to speak his mind on some things. Of course, this was after some drinking, so things were a little more candid than usual. Curious what Jay Elect thinks of Drake, Trinidad James, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and every other rapper he could think of last night? Here we go: (Pigeons & Planes)

In his Twitter rant, Jay Elect questioned French Montana’s rap skills and blasted 50 Cent in light of their feud.

“Truth be told French Montana is not a lyricall n*gga but he got that Birdman swagg. Its the magnolia in me,” he tweeted December 25th.

“So I f*x w frenchy but for not for the raps for the swag”

“Ps, I dare 50 to say one word!!!”

“50 where you at you sneak instagram a** n*hgga. I seen ya sh*t!! What’s good. Ricky rozzay LL cool jayd that a**”

“Hhahahahhahhaahhaa I’m laughin at thjese n*ggas” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Outside of Twitter comments, Jay spoke on his relationship with rap mogul Jay-Z earlier this year.

During the final minutes of his performance, the New Orleans native jumped into the crowd to get better acquainted with fans and it took him quite awhile to fight his way out. When he finally emerged, he explained that he actually hit up Jay-Z about performing at the Philadelphia festival. “Actually I sent him an email saying, ‘You didn’t ask me to perform at Made in America,” Elect told MTV News, laughing at his boss’ reply. “He’s like, ‘ Ohh, you still perform? Ha.’ You know. He always has jokes like that.” Jay Electronica has been largely absent from the spotlight in recent months, making fans question whether or not they would ever see his Roc Nation album materialize, but this performance was part of the process. “It’s Jay’s festival and it’s Philly at the same time, it’s a good way to get my feet back wet,” he said. “I’ve been missing from the stage for a long time. Its a good way to come back.” (MTV)

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