After Barneys & Macy’s Controversy, Home Depot Sparks Chaos W/ Racist Image

After Barneys & Macy’s Controversy, Home Depot Sparks Chaos W/ Racist Image

Renowned retailer Home Depot is currently under fire after posting an overly offensive and racist image onto its Twitter page this week.

Home Depot sparked massive backlash after putting up an image of two black men and a white man dressed as a monkey onto his Twitter page Thursday (November 7).

Home Depot, as sponsor of ESPN’s College Gameday, likes to drum up synergistic promotion for their brand and for ESPN’s weekly football show. But today they failed in spectacular fashion with the below tweet, featuring two African-American bucket drummers and a monkey. It was an attempt to be clever (I guess?) but, instead, it just played on an old, horrendous racial caricature. (Voices)

Shortly after the post went viral, Home Depot issued an apology.

You think they could have seen it coming … Home Depot has issued an apology for an offensive image that went out on its Twitter account, showing a person in a monkey suit sitting between two black drummers, with the caption: “Which drummer is not like the others?” The tweet, posted for College GameDay, sparked outrage on Twitter on Thursday. It was subsequently deleted. (The Grio)

The image has resulted in various Twitter users reacting emotionally and aggressively toward the home improvement retailer.

The company said it was “sorry for the dumb Tweet. We deleted it.” A large number of users accused the company of being “racist” when it tweeted the photo. “I will be getting my products from lowes. Racist [expletive] company. Don’t apologize! Should have never posted it to begin with,” one user said. During the backlash against the company, “Home Depot” trended on Twitter. “Home Depot ain’t helping matters by responding to every single tweet. Looks real dumb,” one user wrote. The company also issued an apology to the NAACP’s Twitter account. (The Epoch Times)

Some bloggers have questioned how such an offensive decision could have been carried out.

Obviously, the Home Depot didn’t think this one all the way through. They have apologized and deleted the Tweet, but you have to think before you Tweet. You are telling me no one at Home Depot thought people might get offended seeing two blacks guys and a white guy in a monkey mask being compared to each other? Use your brain people, it is a tool. (Yard Barker)

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