After Amanda Berry Surprise Nelly Appearance, Charles Ramsey Pops Up At Rap Concert [Video]

After Amanda Berry Surprise Nelly Appearance, Charles Ramsey Pops Up At Rap Concert [Video]

Days after rap star Nelly brought out kidnap victim Amanda Berry during a Cleveland concert, footage of her rescuer Charles Ramsey receiving the same treatment courtesy of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has surfaced.

Much like Berry, Ramsey is shown being welcomed during a Bone Thugs performance in Milwaukee.

The world needs to know that Charles Ramsey is still a hero for rescuing 3 girls from some psycho’s house in Cleveland back in May — at least according to the rappers of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who dragged Ramsey on stage for a special tribute. BTH was performing at a concert in Milwaukee over the weekend when they brought Ramsey out, telling the crowd, “He’s a motherf***ing hero!!!” But Ramsey’s reaction is interesting … he doesn’t smile or anything … it almost looks like he’s tired of all the attention. Judge for yourself. (TMZ)

Amanda came out during Nelly’s Cleveland concert Saturday (July 27) afternoon.

The day after her captor was sentenced to life and 1,000 years in prison, Amanda Berry made her first appearance at a public event. Rapper Nelly introduced her onstage early Saturday evening during the day-long RoverFest concert at Voinovich Park. “He said, ‘Everyone, here’s Amanda Berry,’ and she came out with a friend, another young woman,” concertgoer Kayleigh Fladung said. “She didn’t say anything, but she was smiling and happy. “She waved to the crowd, everyone went crazy cheering, and she went backstage. Nelly did his set, 4 or 5 songs, and then he brought her out again and everyone cheered.” (Cleveland)

Berry previously spent the last ten years held in captivity.

Berry, 27, was kidnapped by Ariel Castro in 2003 and escaped in May with fellow captives Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. The women made public statements on video earlier this month but have not given interviews or otherwise appeared in public. Fladung said other concertgoers said Shane “Rover” French of WMMS FM/100.7 had announced the station was hoping to have Berry at the show. “It was cool to see but still very surprising,” she said. (Cleveland)

Ramsey’s heroic story turned into a national hot topic in early May.

Neighbor Charles Ramsey has told how he heard screams coming from an Ohio home and went to investigate — a decision that led to the discovery of three women missing for years. To the neighbors, the house on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland seemed normal. There was nothing to indicate that inside — in addition to the resident they had come to know — were women who had disappeared in separate cases about a decade ago. That changed on Monday. “This girl is kicking the door and screaming,” Ramsey told NBC station WKYC-TV. “So I go over there … and I say, ‘Can I help? What’s going on?’ And she says, ‘I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been in this house a long time. I want to leave right now.'” (NBC News)

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Check out Charles Ramsey’s appearance:

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