After 2 Chainz Diss, Drake Takes Aim At Funkmaster Flex: “I Hear You Talking…”

After 2 Chainz Diss, Drake Takes Aim At Funkmaster Flex: “I Hear You Talking…”

New York radio veteran Funkmaster Flex isn’t receiving much love these days after being publicly dissed by 2 Chainz and now having a shot fired at him courtesy of Toronto Raptors global ambassador Drake.

Drizzy jumped onto his Instagram page last night with a photo and caption of Funk Flex following his Raptors losing to the Brooklyn Nets in Game 6 of the NBA first round playoffs.

“This guy on the radio so excited about the win. I hear you talking…,” Drake captioned May 2. (Drake’s Instagram)

Footage of 2 Chainz taking a couple jabs at Flex for calling him one of his worst on-air freestyle performers surfaced online a few days ago.

“I don’t give a f-k what Funkmaster Flex gotta say about this n*gga from Atlanta,” Tit said during a concert on Wednesday night. Coincidentally (or, more likely, not), the Def Jam rapper’s response came at the birthday show for DJ Prostyle, who works at Power 105.1, an NYC rival of Flex’s Hot 97. “I ain’t use no motherf-kin’ help,” he boasted while on stage at the Best Buy Theater. “I ain’t come to no n–a for no favors. I got up here on my own. F-k you and what you think about me, n–a.” (MTV)

Recently, Flex said he likely caught Deuce on a bad day when he asked for an on-the-spot freestyle.

“The freestyle that wasn’t very good on my show, it had to be 2 Chainz. Honestly, I think I caught him off guard. I think he didn’t expect me to ask him to do it,” Flex said in an interview. “I’ve heard him on shows freestyling before so I knew he could handle it. But I think that day, he couldn’t handle it.” (ESPN)

Over the past week, Drizzy has made his presence known at the Raptors/Nets games.

A little lint-rolling by Drake has gone a long way. If you recall (and really, who will ever forget?), the 27-year-old rapper was spotted last week at the Toronto Raptors game vigorously freshing up his pants while sitting courtside. As a result, the Raptors couldn’t help themselves and decided to team up with dryer sheet company Bounce to create the official Drake lint roller. On Wednesday, 1,200 of the rollers were handed out to fans outside the Air Canada Centre. Including Drake himself! (E! Online)

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