Affion Crockett Spoofs Jay-Z & Lil Wayne, “You Can Change Your Outfit, Dressing Like Amber Rose” [Video]

Affion Crockett Spoofs Jay-Z & Lil Wayne, “You Can Change Your Outfit, Dressing Like Amber Rose” [Video]

Comedian Affion Crockett is once again up to his witty ways, this time releasing a new spoof video directed toward Grammy-winning rap stars Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

In his new “WTF” music video, Crockett pokes fun at Young Hov but throws the majority of his jabs at Weezy F. Baby.

Lil Wayne has taken it on the chin a little recently for some life and career decisions he’s made–most of them fashion or skateboard-related. (Kevin Hart‘s scribbled-down note of “Lil Wayne–stop skateboarding…you black” at the 2011 VMAs probably started the trend.) Comedian Affion Crockett has decided to take the ribbing a step further on his upcoming comedy album Watch the Clone, even rapping and dressing up like both Jay-Z and Weezy himself in the video for “WTF?” (as in “What the f*ck is he wearing?”) to do so. Jay-Z is up first, making fun of Wayne for his ridiculous spandex pants and poor boarding skills. Then Wayne comes up and…basically makes fun of himself for the same things. Is Jay so unassailable? We guess so. (Popdust)

After impersonating Hovito, Crockett mocks Wayne by rapping as the Young Money boss.

“Go outside in long johns, go on-stage in spandex,” Crockett raps impersonating Wayne. “Weezy Lance Armstrong, n*gga with pajamas on — I’m gonna let my hair down, I’m gonna let my pants hang/Show the world my red drawers, doesn’t mean a d*mn thing/When animals attacking/They attack my outfits/Animals are dead now, turn them into Tyson.” (“WTF”)

Last year, the comedian addressed what happens when he runs into his spoof victims.

“Nah, for the most part all of the guys I have met have been fans of my work. They know that when I do it that it’s coming from a place of respect. It’s all good. It’s not me trying to tear them down. So they can laugh at themselves as well.” (HHDX)

Back in December, he dropped a spoof based on Drake’s “Headlines” anthem.

For his latest hip-hop spoof, Affion Crockett parodies Drake’s “Headlines” in a hilarious new video. For this version, Affion switches up the title to “Headvines” and turns the focus to Drake’s eyebrows for some lighthearted laughs at Drizzy’s expense. As Affion points out in the beginning of the clip, “Parody is comedy, never disrespect.” (Complex)

Check out the “WTF” music video below:

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