Action Bronson Reveals Why Cam’ron Didn’t Make “Blue Chips 2″

Action Bronson Reveals Why Cam’ron Didn’t Make “Blue Chips 2″

Less than 48 hours away from his highly anticipated Blue Chips 2 mixtape with producer Party Supplies dropping, New York rapper Action Bronson has dished on why he wanted Dipset’s Cam’ron on the project.

According to Bronson, initial plans were to try and secure Killa Cam for a spot on the follow-up to last year’s Blue Chips.

“It was never concrete,” Bronson said. “It was just pipe dreams.”–and the appearance fell through. So instead, the pair substituted Action Bronson himself as the “legendary special guest.” “Unfortunately, I wanted to get Cam’ron in,” Bronson said. “He was going to be the guest, but we kind of jumped the gun by writing that.” Bronson had to think quickly when Cam didn’t happen and ended up substituting himself in the guest slot. Bronson said he doesn’t think he’s reached legend status yet but that, “that is what [he’s] going to be considered sooner or later.” (XXL Mag)

Cam has kept busy as of late by working on his own music and trying to piece together a Diplomats reunion album.

“It might’ve passed, it might not; I can’t say. We do shows four, five, six times a year together. We get booked to all do shows, it’s just that everybody all got their personal thing goin’ on,” Cam explained to MTV News on Wednesday of the Dips reunion and comeback album Diplomatic Immunity 3. “Jim is doing clothing, El doing clothing, I’m doing movies and clothing. It’s just that everybody’s got to find that space. What we don’t want to do is dilute it and make it seem like it’s fake.” (MTV)

The project’s cover art officially landed across the Internet Wednesday (October 30).

We are just a few days away from the release of Action Bronson’s upcoming mixtape, the highly anticipated, Blue Chips 2. Today, Mr. Bronson returns to the interwebs with the official artwork for the project, which further adds to the allure of the project. We’ve all be patiently awaiting this project for a minute, and its almost here! The art is a famous scene from the movie, Blue Chips, but with Mr. Bronson playing the coach and in full animated form. Hilarious and perfectly fitting with Action’s unique personality. Check out the artwork and prepare yourself for the upcoming mixtape, dropping on Friday, November 1st. (Stupid Dope)

To spark anticipation, Bronson and Supplies released a comedy-ridden trailer for the mixtape this week.

What would happen if Action Bronson was behind the scenes during the 1995 NBA showdown between the Knicks and the Pacers? The rapper goes back in time to relive what could have gone down in a promo visual for his forthcoming ‘Blue Chips 2.’ In the spot, Action wears an oversized suit and talks on a hilarious Zack Morris cellphone while betting on the game. Could Action’s devious bribe explain why Patrick Ewing choked? Watch the video and see for yourself. The rapper is an avid basketball fan. Recently, he referenced former NBA baller Allen Iverson in ‘Practice.’ The track builds from Iverson’s infamous ‘Practice’ rant after his failure to attend Philadelphia 76ers’ practices. (The Boom Box)

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Check out the new project’s teaser:

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