Action Bronson & Paul Rosenberg Defend Ending Bidding War W/ Vice Record Deal

Action Bronson & Paul Rosenberg Defend Ending Bidding War W/ Vice Record Deal

New York rapper Action Bronson and renowned manager Peter Rosenberg have placed some context behind opting out of ending a short-lived bidding war and inking a Vice Records deal.

Despite his growing hip-hop buzz, Bronson said an immediate connection to Vice sealed the deal.

“They just get it. They understand what’s cool and what’s not,” Bronson, 27, says. “This is just different. I don’t want to be the same cookie-cutter-type dude. I want to be me, and those guys made me feel at home. There’s a bunch of other places I could be, but this was the place for me, I felt.” With more than a half-dozen mixtapes and digital albums already to his name in less than two years, the concept of a proper studio album carries its own kind of excitement for Bronson. “Everything I’ve put out so far to this point has been with one producer,” he says. “This project I’ll be putting out with Vice I feel is going to be a mixture of everything I’ve done so far. I’ll gather a dream team of people I’ve become friends with and we’re just going to blow it up.” (The Juice)

Rosenberg, most known for managing rap star Eminem, shared a similar sentiment.

“We all believe that Vice is the right match for Action Bronson’s vision as an artist and the type of musical career that he strives for. I can’t wait to put our efforts together with Vice’s creativity and Warner Bros.’ platform to share Bronson’s music with the world.” (Billboard)

Last week, Bronson announced his new record label situation over Twitter.

Action Bronson has become the latest addition to the roster of VICE Records and Warner Bros. Records and announced that he had inked a deal with the majors over Twitter. The specifics of the deal remain unclear but Bronson later posted that it will see him link his own label to VICE/Warner. Action Bronson thanked his fans for their support and promised they would have something to look forward to in the future. “Vice/Warner the label. I promise to never make candy cane bullsh*t music as long as I live,” wrote Bronson. (The Versed)

Recently, West Coast rapper Roc C crowned Action SOHH Underrated.

“As far as emcees, I’ve gotta say Bronson. Action Bronson. I actually just met him [a while ago]. Dude was like a world renowned five-star chef and now he’s out here tearing up this rap game. Looking at the way he’s doing it the way he is, that’s crazy. He’s putting out so much sh*t and he’s hitting so many cats over the head. That’s not even something people are talking about anymore. For a cat to just be moving and wanting to have everybody just want to mess with him. Like, “Aight.” I’m really happy for him. Do your thing, boy. He’s a genuine cat. I’m rooting for him. I’m one of those cats who always gravitated toward people that told stories. If whatever they were talking about made me catch that mood or if they’re talking about something I’ve never heard of but can capture that image, that’s the type of cats I gravitate towards.” (SOHH Underrated)

Check out a recent Action Bronson:

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