“Action Bronson Is Crazy B/C He Carved His Own Lane & I Helped Him”

“Action Bronson Is Crazy B/C He Carved His Own Lane & I Helped Him”

[With Action Bronson’s long-awaited Blue Chips 2 mixtape finally available, producer Party Supplies talks to SOHH readers about hooking up with the New York heavyweight and their chemistry together.]

It’s a mixtape and I know a lof of the fans are going to look at this as an album. It’s weird because there’s a lot of samples and it’s free. We just wanted to make this something that the fans could have.

We did the first one, Blue Chips, and it was so popular that we wanted to do the second one. We had so much material from the first one, too. We just kept going. We kept recording and a couple of the joints that didn’t make it onto the first one made it onto this one.

We just started recording sh*t and it naturally came together. We had some people come over, we’d go through sh*t and it was pretty organic. It was a pretty organic process.

Action Bronson is crazy because he carved his own lane and I helped him carve his own lane. Every producer that has worked with him has helped him carve his own lane. He’s always had the vision from the beginning.

We’re all friends so when we get together, we’ll smoke something, hang out and chill like you would chill with any of your boys. And then within 10 to 15 minutes of recording, we’re like, “We got this. We made something. We didn’t intend to make something, that’s not why we’re here. We’re just chilling and this is what happens when we hang out.”

We just hang out. It’s not like, “Okay, it’s Friday. I’m headed to the studio at 12 o’clock.” There are some producers that work that way and that’s the way it goes down. If you don’t know each other like that, you have to set up times but the beauty of being friends with somebody you’re working with and have been friends with for a long time is that you never know what’s going to happen.

When you try to write something, you don’t write something. When you don’t try to write something, you write something. It’s weird.

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