Action Bronson Applauds Trinidad James’ Big Apple Remarks: “Now They Want To Play New York Stuff” [Video]

Action Bronson Applauds Trinidad James’ Big Apple Remarks: “Now They Want To Play New York Stuff” [Video]

New York rapper Action Bronson has offered an interesting take on the controversy Atlanta hip-hop artist Trinidad James sparked a few months ago by calling out his hometown’s music scene.

Rather than scold James or retaliate, AB said the Southern rapper’s controversial comments brought immediate change to local New York radio stations.

“He probably didn’t say it the way he wanted to say it and he was running his mouth a little something, he wants to make a little wave for himself and that’s how you do it,” Bronson said in an interview when asked for his thoughts on James’ comments. “I’ll tell you this. Since that, the climate of the radio has changed drastically. Now they want to play New York stuff. … Someone’s gotta take a stand and grab their nuts, you know? My nuts are already friggin’ in the cup. They’re protected.” (RapFix)

Recently, fellow Southern rapper T.I. said James’ comments did not fully represent the entire city of Atlanta.

“Trinidad is authorized to speak on Trinidad. That’s one, and this is not a derogatory statement towards Trinidad, but he can’t speak for me. He can’t speak. And since I am a part of Atlanta, I don’t think it’s adequate that he speak for the entire population of Atlanta. So, I just don’t think that, with all due respect, I don’t think he’s come that far and walked that walk enough yet to where that will be accepted without ridicule.” (This Is 50)

In a separate interview, ATL’s Waka Flocka Flame said he did not agree with Trinidad’s remarks but did claim the South ruled the entire music industry.

“Hell nah,” Waka said when asked for a take on James’ comments. “What we talking about, reality or music? The South run music. Period. We dont’ just run one region, one state, one genre. The South run music. That’s just what it is. Kendrick Lamar made [peope] look West but the South still winning. Like, that’s what it is. It’s just friendly competition. Some people just get carried away.” (VLAD TV)

While Wu-Tang’s U-God recently co-signed James’ records, he said the rapper should check out his music before calling out the entire Big Apple.

“He ain’t talking to me with that. Trinidad James ain’t talkin’ to me about that sh*t, about n*ggas from New York. Listen to my sh*t, nigga. Ain’t tryin’ to hear that. Only reason why them n*ggas is poppin’, man, down South n*ggas sign any godd*mn thing. New York dudes, we don’t go for all that. So let’s just travel the f*ck down South and going down there with that bullsh*t. But, I like the music, personally. I didn’t get off with what he was saying. But Trinidad James, knock it off with that bullsh*t. He’s not really saying nothing. He’s getting 360 deals.” (Montreality)

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