Ace Hood Wants To Fulfill DJ Khaled’s Prophecy: “I Can Be One Of The Greats” [Video]

Ace Hood Wants To Fulfill DJ Khaled’s Prophecy: “I Can Be One Of The Greats” [Video]

Florida rapper Ace Hood recently talked about how he handles the negative critics and why he won’t let anything take him off the track to being one of the music industry’s greatest.

In Hood’s perspective, he can only continue to put out quality work to prove his critics wrong.

“It fuels me, man, it fuels me,” Hood said in an interview. “It fuels me to know that people doubt your product but I always keep in mind what I’m capable of and I know where I want to be and I know I can be one of the greats in this industry and I truly believe that. Through all the doubt, I don’t really say much, I just continue to show and prove, continue to make these great records, continue to put out great mixtapes and great albums until people get it, until people understand it.” (Real Talk NY)

Earlier this month, We The Best CEO DJ Khaled said Hood has only become better as an emcee with each solo effort’s release.

“It’s a groundbreaking year for Ace Hood and I think this album, now that it’s out, everybody understands who Ace Hood is now,” Ace’s mentor and We the Best CEO DJ Khaled told MTV News. “It might’ve took four or five [albums] to give him his respect, but now you respect him and now he’s a problem. He’s gonna be one of the best in the game, and I won’t take no talk back about.” (MTV)

Back in 2010, Khaled boasted about Hood’s young age and how he had nothing but time working in his favor.

“I mean, Ace Hood is still 21 years old,” Khaled pointed out in an interview. “The h*es, I mean women, they love him, and he has potential to be a superstar. It’s going to take hard work and I have his back 100 percent…DJ Khaled’s involvement is everything in the record. DJ Khaled comes up with the concept. DJ Khaled gets with the producer and is either me making it or somebody else making it with me orchestrating the situation. DJ Khaled is bringing the energy from the artist, to me, to the producer, then to the room. I am Berry Gordy of hip-hop.” (All Hip Hop)

In December 2009, the Miami music executive said Ace still had room to grow and spark a larger following of fans.

“A lot of people don’t know, Ace Hood is one of the most selling new rap artists,” Khaled explained in an interview. “It’s hard to sell a lot of records these days; that’s what they sayin’, right? But at the same time, if I look at other new rap artists that came out in the last two years, like new artists on his level, he sold more. It’s not even like that with me [with sales.] It’s about making Ace into a superstar, which he is gonna be, one of the big superstars in the game.” (XXL Mag)

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