Ace Hood Rewinds Time, Explains “Fake” Rolex Falling Apart [Audio]

Ace Hood Rewinds Time, Explains “Fake” Rolex Falling Apart [Audio]

After footage of his Rolex falling apart at the 2013 BET Awards turned into a must-see, Miami’s Ace Hood has stepped forward to clear the air on the rumors.

Accoring to Hood, he spent $60,000 on the watch and said the incident even surprised him.

“When you spend a certain amount on a watch, certain things aren’t supposed to happen. My jeweler, I had to fire my jeweler. He’s definitely going through it. I spent $60,000 on that watch, man. I was just as shocked as everybody else was when it did happen. It never happened to any of my other watches or anything. I looked up. I ain’t even know what it was. I figured it was my bracelet. It wasn’t no thing, though. I ain’t even look at the footage. … For it to happen right then in that moment, I was like, ‘You could have happened anywhere else. I just performed. I just ripped down the stage, everything. But you chose to let it be there.’ That’s how I know the Devil be working. He be working. But we good man.” (Los Angeles Leakers)

Immediately following his watch accident, rumors of it being fake sprouted.

Ace Hood caught attention worldwide on social media outlets, but not for his music. The YMCMB/We the Best artist was the hot topic during Sunday night’s BET Awards after the bezel from his Rolex watch fell off during a pre-show interview with Bow Wow and Angela Simmons. Immediately after the watch malfunction, the accusations of wearing fake jewelry and jokes online poured in. (Miss Info TV)

Last year, Ace talked to SOHH about his emphasis on saving money.

“Oh of course, man,” Hood told SOHH when asked if he is still a penny-pincher. “You always gotta save whatever you do just because you never know. I’m in the circumstance where I’m blessed enough to handle what I handle. I can take care of my mother and my family. She’s good and that’s my whole reason. Then I have a daughter. These are things I think about when I do collect a large amount of money, whether it’s every month or every week, whatever the case may be. You’ve got to put something aside, it’s common sense, just to make sure you’re safe just in case. You never know what will happen next week, you never know what’s next. You may get sick for two weeks, I might need to take six months off. You want to make sure you have that [money] stashed up.” (SOHH)

Hood also gave his opinion on Forbes Magazine’s infatuation with hip-hop.

“Yeah man, shout out to the Forbes Magazine,” Ace added. “Hopefully one day, this year I’m definitely going to grace that [Forbes] list of top moneymakers. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m definitely going to touch that list this year. So shout out to the Forbes, [we did] a dope interview.” (SOHH)

Check out Ace Hood’s interview and the accident:

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