Ace Hood On Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade Spitting Hot Fire: “We Were In The Club Turned Up”

Ace Hood On Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade Spitting Hot Fire: “We Were In The Club Turned Up”

After raising eyebrows last month with footage of him and Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade rapping on-stage at a Florida nightclub, SOHH decided to hit up DJ Khaled‘s protege, Ace Hood, to find out what really went down at NBA All-Star Weekend.

Along with recalling their scene-stealing performance, Ace also expressed how he felt Wade and the Heat could make another run to the NBA Finals.

“Yeah, yeah, we turned up, man,” Hood laughingly told SOHH recalling the D-Wade set. “My homie D-Wade is doing his thing, man. Shout-out to the homie. They’re balling out. LeBron James, [Udonis] Haslem, all of them. But yeah, we were in the club turned up, balling hard and doing some things for the ladies. We were super turned up. He wanted that Miami-Broward County feel down there in Orlando. … [Playoffs run?] Of course. They’re playing outstanding basketball. This year is starvation in D-Wade. They want it bad. It goes back to [my upcoming mixtape], Starvation, they want it bad. We want a ring. They want to be at the top, I want to be at the top. We want it bad, you feel me?” (SOHH)

Footage of Hood and Wade hitting an Orlando nightclub landed online late last month.

Dwyane Wade was once again working with a sidekick this week — but instead of LeBron James on the basketball court, it was rapper Ace Hood in the club. Wade hosted a party Thursday night at VAiN nightclub in Orlando to kick off NBA All-Star Weekend. Wade took the mic with Ace as he performed his song “Hustle Hard.” D-Wade will be starting for the Eastern Conference during tomorrow’s NBA All-Star game … which someone brilliantly scheduled right up against the Oscars. Thanks, David Stern! (TMZ)

While loyal to his Atlanta Hawks, rapper Killer Mike recently told SOHH he feels the Heat could be championship-bound.

“Honestly, this year you’re looking at potentially the Miami Heat winning the championship,” Mike told SOHH. “I think LeBron James is finally coming into his own. I think he’s the illest, tallest point guard in the game. I appreciate [New York Knicks’ guard] Jeremy Lin because I appreciate any guy from Harvard playing profesionally. [laughs] I like New York. I ain’t got no issues with them. I want to see the Knicks do good but shout-out to my n*gga Kobe [Bryant] and the motherf*cking Los Angeles Lakers. [laughs] The Clippers look dominate now and I ain’t mad at them but they didn’t want Kobe to get Chris Paul at point. If Chris would have [got traded to the Lakers], we’d be talking about a whole different thing right now. No matter how dominate you are in the season, you gotta make the play-offs. I really think the Heat could win the championship. I’m not making that my prediction, but I’m letting people know I think the Heat might take the championship this year.” (SOHH)

As fans await Ace Hood’s upcoming Starvation mixtape, the rapper has been releasing new records including a music video for “Hallucinations.”

Florida rapper Ace Hood is back with the video to his new single “Hallucinations,” taken from his upcoming Starvation mixtape, dropping on March 30th. Video is a bit on the strange side, beginning with Ace Hood tied up in a chair rapping about the things he’s been dealing with, and how life got tough after his daughter died. The rest of the video is him dealing with the pain he’s dealt with is his life, and how it’s made him a stronger man. (Stupid Dope)

Check out Dwayne Wade & Ace Hood performing below:

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