Ace Hood Blames Rick Ross Gunfire On “The Devils Out There”

Ace Hood Blames Rick Ross Gunfire On “The Devils Out There”

Cash Money Records/We The Best rapper Ace Hood is the latest hip-hop artist to weigh in on frequent collaborator Rick Ross dodging gunfire and nearly losing his life last week in Florida.

In Hood’s perspective, evil spirits likely pulled the trigger on Ricky Rozay’s Rolls-Royce in Fort Lauderdale.

Ace doesn’t know who was involved either, but suggested that the attack was something ungodly. “The devils, you got the devils out there,” he said. ” It’s important that we stay focused and keep grindin’. At the end of the day the motive for me is get money, feed my family, do it for my team, do it for everybody around me, stay positive and just keep winnin’, man. Trials and tribulations, we all go through ‘em.” (MTV)

Ace also emphasized the importance of being cautious when away from the microphone.

Even before the shooting, Ace Hood was cautious about what messages he sends out. “I always be cautious on the things that I do. That’s just in life. Not only me, you as well have to be mindful of the places you may go,” he told us. “You just never know, you never want to get yourself in any predicaments, but we all just gotta stay safe.” (MTV)

This week, MMG member Wale spoke on fans needing to realize Ross is a human being before a rap star.

“I think the whole thing’s been blown up,” Wale said about Ross’ shooting. “I think the media, you know, is perpetuating a lot of things, God forbid something happen to anybody then they’re going to be playing people’s records all day and acting like [they cared]. … It’s a joke to y’all because you see somebody on TV everyday but what if that’s your friend, ’cause that’s my friend. I was talking to him last night about the football game so what y’all think is a joke, that’s somebody’s health. I know his children. You know what I’m saying? God forbid something happens — and I just lost one of my brothers so I don’t even play around with that stuff.” (“Streez Morning Grind”)

In December, the “Boss” spoke on his gangster image and never backing down from possible confrontations.

“It never was due to any threats. Not to cut you off but let me explain something to you, I’m a certified man, I am a real boss and this is something that everybody needs to understand. Gangsters move in silence. Gangsters move in silence. And in situations like that, I just remember something an old-school Dade County gangster told me a long time ago that any dude can stand in the crowd with 30, 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody about that life, everybody gangster, you understand? But when those choppers come out, everybody fold.” (99 Jamz)

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