Ace Hood Acknowledges Flow-Jacking Rappers: “I Ain’t Crazy, I Know I Started That Sh*t” [Video]

Ace Hood Acknowledges Flow-Jacking Rappers: “I Ain’t Crazy, I Know I Started That Sh*t” [Video]

Miami’s Ace Hood recently talked about changing up his rap flow and reacted to handfuls of unnamed emcees jacking his style on records.

While he would not point out any specific artists, Hood credited himself for sparking a catchy rap flow.

“A lot of people know they’ve been biting the style or what not,” Ace said in an interview. “It’s flattering. I think it’s flattering at the same token. We here though, man. We got a hundred flows. … I get a little frustrated because it’s like what could be done for the game and how easy it could be forgotten about. I think a lot of times we can’t forget — I might not be Hov or I might not be a Kanye, but at the end of the day I know for a fact, my flow pattern. I ain’t crazy, I I know I started that sh*t.” (Street Heat TV)

A couple weeks ago, Hood spoke to SOHH about his evolution as an emcee.

“My hunger’s definitely growing. I strive to be the best and I will be the best soon enough. That’s what I do this for. I don’t make music just for you to rock to in the club, I’m making lifelong music. I want this to be appreciated five, ten, twenty years from now, the way Biggie and Pac are still relevant in 2013. That’s what I want music to do. I’m going to continue staying hungry. That’ll never change about me. That’s just one thing fans love about me. They’re passionate about anything I do in life. Whatever it may be, I’m just a passionate brother.” (SOHH Singled Out)

Last year, the rising rap star reacted to being crowned SOHH Underrated on numerous occasions.

“In my circumstance, I’ve always been underrated in this music business. I feel like just coming from me, in due time it’ll be proven, if you actually look at this interview and be like, ‘Wow, Ace Hood did tell me [it’d be proven.]’ I definitely feel like I’m amongst the best in this music business. I’m not just saying it because I know it. I’m just telling you what’s factual. But in due time, it’ll be respected when people really take the time to really understand that.” (SOHH)

Back in 2011, West Coast rapper Game named Ace the most underrated artist in hip-hop.

“The most under rated rapper is no doubt @acehood !!! F*ck who don’t like it !!!,” Game tweeted September 3rd. (Game’s Twitter)

Check out Ace Hood’s interview:

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