A$AP Rocky’s Slap Victim Speaks, Won’t Back Down From Legal Battle [Video]

A$AP Rocky’s Slap Victim Speaks, Won’t Back Down From Legal Battle [Video]

Days after A$AP Rocky‘s name turned up in a legal suit for allegedly assaulting a woman, the female victim has stepped foward to confirm the hype is real.

According to concertgoer Lisa Wade, she was the victim to a brutal attack at the hands of A$AP.

A$AP Rocky hasn’t had the decency to call the woman he allegedly slapped during a concert … and she tells TMZ she wants to nail him in criminal court. Lisa Wade –a self-described fan of A$AP — called in to “TMZ Live” and gave the blow-by-blow … which she says was a brutal, unprovoked attack. Wade says A$AP was walking through a surging crowd of people when he hauled off and smacked her … HARD. A$AP’s been charged with criminal battery. It’s unclear if he intended to hit Wade. (TMZ)

According to reports, the alleged attack went down during Jay Z‘s Made In America festival last weekend.

Rapper A$AP Rocky — the guy behind the hit “F**kin’ Problems” — has been slapped with an assault charge in Philadelphia after allegedly getting all Rick James on a female fan this weekend … TMZ has learned. We know … the alleged victim, a young mom, filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney’s Office today claiming she was attending the Made In America concert on Saturday when the rapper got violent. (TMZ)

During the music fest, A$AP unleashed an energetic live set when he finally hit the stage.

Hardly Rocky: Or A$AP. As Spin’s Christopher Weingarten pointed out on via Twitter, it should’ve been perfect for A$AP Rocky to play the Rocky Stage — the main stage of the festival, dubbed so because of its proximity to the steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky Balboa famously scaled. But the rapper showed up for his set 23 minutes late, which hardly jibed with that whole as-soon-as-possible thing that his name implies. A$AP Rocky may have shown up with half a set, but the crowd of rapt teenagers roared at the conclusion of each of the four or five songs he played, proving that you can take the round with the right hit. (USA Today)

Outside of the legal problem, the New York native recently downplayed romance rumors involving R&B diva Rihanna.

“Nah, we weren’t filming no video, we were just chillin,’ ” Lord Flacko told MTV News of the August 15 photos, despite the presence of cameras, lighting equipment and plenty of extras on what appears to be a video set. Rocky denied rumors of any romance, saying, “People crazy. You know people say a lot.” A$AP has been dating supermodel Chanel Iman — the couple even rode the subway home from Sunday’s VMAs in Brooklyn — yet even that hasn’t stopped the speculation. (MTV)

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Check out Lisa Wade’s interview:

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