A$AP Rocky’s Pal To Critics: “People Who Call Us Gay Just Aren’t Open-Minded”

A$AP Rocky’s Pal To Critics: “People Who Call Us Gay Just Aren’t Open-Minded”

New York rapper A$AP Ferg recently discussed his crew’s passion for fashion and why getting slapped with “gay” tags is just a sign critics aren’t willing to diversify their tastes.

In Ferg’s opinion, the entire A$AP team is known for standing out and being questioned for their artistic decisions.

“A$AP is comfortable being black sheep. We were always weirdos. We wanted to be unique. People didn’t accept us in Harlem. They were scared to stand next to Jeremy Scott. Why? Because he’s gay? He’s one of the best designers of our generation. When Rocky wore the Ann Demeulemeester shirt on BET, people called it a dress. It’s some high fashion sh*t, a $30,000 long-sleeve shirt. We’re on that different type of fly. People who call us gay just aren’t open-minded.” (Complex)

Back in December, A$AP Rocky came forward to address cross-dressing accusations.

“I was just on ‘106 & Park’ the other day with an oversized shirt on and everybody talkin’ about I wore a dress,” Rocky said, clearing up the rumor when he appeared on “RapFix Live” as a part of MTV’s Big and Best of 2012. “That’s foul and mine was long-sleeve. … If fashion is your life and that’s what you like and that’s what you’re about, express yourself, wear what you want and nothing matters, nobody else opinions matte. Be the person that starts the trend. You’re gonna have times where people, they gonna try to joke on you, they’re gonna try to play you and all that, that just comes with life. You gotta keep it striving’ and always know that if they’re talkin’ you doin’ somethin’ right.” (MTV)

A couple years ago, Rocky admitted he used to be homophobic but eventually learned to change his ways and appreciate the widespread fashion world.

“I’m respected by all the respected fashion blogs,” he says. “It’s all about diversity. I don’t give a f*ck if you white, black, brown or yellow. I really just want to keep the peace. I really love people for who they are. I’m not gay or anything like that, but even gay people–they can be fans too. All the designer stuff I wear is made by gay people. I used to be an ignorant, homophobic cat. I didn’t know any better…I was young. Now that I’m knowledgeable about life all this sh*t has made me a better person. I feel like the world can be a better place if we learn how to accept each other for who we are.” (VIBE)

Much like Rocky, Ferg recently talked about his own love for high-end fashion.

“He used to design, he helped Russell Simmons do the Phat Farm cologne, he also helped Puff with the Bad Boy logo. He designed the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Boy’ with the little boy coming out the logo with the Tims on. … He was like the only black guy back then printing shirts on the hip-hop scene, the urban guy. Like before everybody used to go see a bunch of Jews and these big companies but like, black people ain’t really know about that stuff. So they went to go see him. They were going to my grandmother’s house and sitting at the table.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

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