A$AP Rocky Pleads Innocence In NYC Robbery Case

A$AP Rocky Pleads Innocence In NYC Robbery Case

New York rapper A$AP Rocky reportedly appeared in a courtroom today (July 23) and pleaded not guilty to an attempted robbery charge after getting busted by police last week.

According to reports, Rocky will head back to court on Wednesday (July 25).

Rap newcomer A$Ap Rocky has pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted robbery following a showdown with a pair of photographers in New York City last week. The hip-hop star, real name Rakim Mayers, was arrested on Thursday following a street showdown with two amateur snappers, who reportedly tried to take pictures of the 23 year old as he engaged in a heated exchange with a pal. Mayers is set to appear in court again on Wednesday. (Contact Music)

Photos from the Big Apple arrest landed online over the weekend.

Rapper A$AP Rocky found himself in handcuffs PDQ after NYPD officers arrived on the scene of his street brawl … and TMZ has the photos. As TMZ first reported … AR was busted after he got into a fight with two guys who were taking photos of him. Cops slapped the cuffs on Rocky and another member of the hip hop crew A$AP Mob … Sheldon Jabari, aka A$AP Bigga Bar$ — who, for some reason, was shirtless at the time of the arrest. Rocky and Bigga were both booked for 2nd degree robbery. Cops say they attempted to take items from the guys they were fighting. (TMZ)

In March, Rocky found himself in another physical situation after a South By Southwest music festival incident.

A brawl broke out between Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky and his crew against a drunken crowd at a Vice party around 3:30AM Sunday morning, ending the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, with a small eruption of violence for the second year in a row. The last of perhaps one too many A$AP Rocky gigs began with their usual antagonistic, punk rock-styled antics, including slam-dancing, stage-diving, crowd-surfing and spitting, during a late-night concert in a downtown warehouse venue. But all that intensity finally took a turn for the worst, as it did in 2011 when irate fans denied entry to a SXSW reunion concert by Toronto hard rock duo DFA1979 broke out into a riot. (Spinner)

Recently, the Harlem, New York emcee downplayed his tough guy image.

“The biggest misconception is that I’m a gangster,” Rocky said in an interview. “I’m not. At all. I don’t want people thinking [I am]. Honestly. I really am [a nice guy]. I’m a good, down to earth dude.” (This Is 50)

Check out a recent A$AP Rocky interview below:

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